It's been only 24 hours since I took the NCLEX...

  1. And no results! I know that I can't find out until at least 48 hours after but I am driving myself crazy! PA doesn't participate in quick results so I have to wait as little as 2 days or as many as 30! This was the second time I took my exam. The first time it cutoff at 75. I knew in the back of my mind I failed (had a lot of things going on then). So I studied all summer and took it yesterday. I felt prepared but more nervous about the "test" itself. I took my time and felt it was WAY harder than my first test. I know I messed a few questions up but I just hope I answered "enough" questions right! I don't even know when it cutoff because I was paying more attention to the question. I think it cutoff somewhere between 138-144ish. Who knows! I keep reading past posts and it makes me soooo incredibly nervous. I keep thinking what if I failed a 2nd do I explain that one! But then I don't want to jinx myself and try to believe that I may have done OK since I thought it was harder content. While it was harder content, I still had NO clue on a few questions! Gosh I hate this!

    I hate waiting and it's seems worse the second time around!!!!
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  3. by   DolphinRN84
    Good luck with your results!! Hoping you passed!!
  4. by   eskayc
    what a coincedence. i am exactly in the same situation. i took mine yesterday too for the second time. I have been checking for the result since midnigh. I am driving everyone is my house crazy. the fear of failing for the second time is unbearable. i can feel my heart throbing. I feel the second one is a LITTLE easier but thinking back, i think i messed up on some questions. but all i can say is to stay calm and hope for the best. I know it is easier said than done. I am just waiting it out. try going out for some fresh air. i know your pain. We will know before the end of tomorrow. Good luck to you too.
  5. by   RNKay31
    wishing you the best:kiss
  6. by   collegemom
    Well Guys I Wish You The Best. I Took Mine In August, I Thought For Sure I Failed But Thanks God I Was Wrong. I Took My Test Through Pearson Vue, I Payed $7 To Them To Find Out My Results Early. Did You Try Pulling Up The Web Site For The Testing Agency? Also If You Pull Up Your State Board Web Site They Can Post As Soon As 48hours. I Took My Test On Friday @11:30 I Had My Results Right At Noon Sunday Morning. But The State Did Not Have My Results First, They Came From The Test Center. Again Good Luck.
  7. by   luv2shop19mall
    everyone gets there results quickly except for i believe california.. im in the same situation .. i just took mine this morning and im going nuts.. i just need to be bz the next couple of weeks.. this is so sad.
  8. by   ICU_JOSIE
    Good luck to you guys!!!