Is nscbn close to real nclex Qs? - page 2

I just finished doing nscbn on-line course and Qs seems to be very hard,i think harder than Kaplan.And I did around 65% right with the lowest score 50% and the highest 95%.For those who took nscbn... Read More

  1. by   Euphrosyne7
    For those of you who have used this, is a overall score of 71% after answering all questions ok? Or do you think I should have a higher percentage to pass NCLEX?

    I am taking NCLEX tomorrow and have just been doing questions at this point with minimal review studying. I also passed HESI exit exam with 1048, and have gone through the Saunders Book pretty thoroughly and find that their questions are much easier than any other.

    Any comments/suggestions are welcome! Thanks!
  2. by   miss_cy
    excuse me u think its advisable to review like Saunders first before getting to the ncsbn online since u have to pay for $49 for 3 weeks.i felt like i should be ready as well in taking the ncsbn online, i thought of Saunders first then before i go nscbn online? wat do you thnk about that idea? ..hope to get ur views and opinions..thnks
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    u go to or u can enroll there..u can choose how many weeks u want..3 weeks is $49..good luck..i know u can make it!!!!GODBLESS