is cystic fibrosis infectious?

  1. So here's a question that I encountered:

    A child who has leukemia is being admitted. Several rooms are available on the pediatric floor. Which of the following clients should the nurse place in the same room with this child?

    a. A child who has nephrotic syndrome
    b. A child recovering from ruptured appendix
    c. A child who has rheumatic fever
    d. A child who has cystic fibrosis

    The answer is A, which I totally agree too because it is not an infectious disorder. However, cystic fibrosis is not an infectious disorder either. Cystic fibrosis is a recessive genetic disease, and it is not contagious. Please correct me if I'm wrong, for I don't get the rationale of why cystic fibrosis is not a correct answer as well

    This was from ATI btw.

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  3. by   caroladybelle
    A pt with cystic fibrosis, is often going to be coughing, receive jet nebs/aerosolizes treatments, chest physiotherapy......many things that will aerosolize germs into air.

    Even normally benign flora can be hazardous to the immunocompromised pt. You really don't want them around someone coughing a great deal. And as CF pts have very sticky secretions that are more likely to harbor germs, they present risk.
  4. by   caroladybelle
    An aside: the question should really be moot.

    A leukemic pt that is neutropenic (immunosuppressed) in most good facilities would be in a private room if all possible, especially peds.
  5. by   JROregon
    A child with CF might have a number of respiratory infections, including mycobacterium avium complex which can effect immunocompromised patients like those with leukemia. Probably wouldn't want to have 2 CF patients in a room together for that reason also.
    I had to look this up. So on first look, I would have given the same answer that you did.