Info on Passing Standard???

  1. Okay!
    On the Mosby CAT (I know it's outdated) the level of difficulty for questions starts at -0.33 and below and the highest is 0.35 and above. The passing standard for NCLEX is -0.2800 logits. Are the guidelines for the level of difficulty between the Mosby CAT and the NCLEX somewhat similar??? Yes, I'm trying to figure it out because I've studied a lot and I've took the NCLEX twice- so the CAT thing I thought would help to narrow my weakness?? (the "near passing standard" letters didn't really help. Thanks for the input!!!
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  3. by   elfchen1
    hy blessed,

    I have complete the same question??????

    I don't now, how I get a level, that I can be confident to pass the exam.....
    Well, after the d-day we now more ......
    my fingers are crossed for you and i will also pray for you!!! I know, that you pass it this time!!!:blushkiss

    and after a short time, we are new RN's ........

    keep me posted!!!

    best wishes and good luck to you!!

  4. by   augigi
    Nobody can tell you what score will equate to "likely to pass" NCLEX... all you can do is keep doing questions until you are getting a good percentage of them right and feel comfortable.

    For example, I have done around 2500 questions, with average passing rate of 78%, and on Mosby CAT get 94% pass rate with degree of difficulty of 0.44 - so I'm pretty happy that I will pass when I get my ATT.
  5. by   blessed1702
    Thanks Elfchen1 and Augigi. It's difficult not to know where you stand, especially after sooo much studying!