Important! Which is the best Nclex review book?

  1. I really want to get one with a CD as I like that kind of thing. Which would be the best to buy?
    Thank you everyone.
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  3. by   RNIAM
    Ok, I see a few views but no opinions. How about; does anyone know anyone who has purchased a good Nclex book? With or without the CD.
  4. by   essarge
    My favorite is Saunder's but there are many on the market and it is a personal choice. Check with your school and see what they might recommend.
  5. by   zacarias
    I love Saunders too. If you want one with a lot of questions, get Saunders and Lippincott. Kaplan is mainly good for teaching test success and how to answer NCLEX questions.
  6. by   adakak
    I really like Saunder's review book and have been using that book to review for my NCLEX. I am not sure about Kaplan, have heard mixed reviews for it, which is why I'm not sure about using it.
  7. by   ChristineN
    Kaplan, hands down, was my favorite. Their stratagies and higher level practice questions are what, IMO, led me to pass NCLEX first try. You can get the Kaplan book at any bookstore.
  8. by   Silverdragon102
    Closing this as they are many threads up to date discussing Saunders