Impatient waiting for NCLEX Results

  1. Hi everyone!
    I figured I would write a post while I impatiently wait the next 24 hours to get my quick results

    I took my NCLEX Thursday at 1pm. My scheduled time was 2pm but the lovely folks at PV took me back as soon as I got there. I had 75 questions (25 of them were SATA

    I did the PV trick shortly after the exam, last night and today at 2pm (24 hours after my initial exam time). I received the good pop up all three times! I know that it's 99% accurate but I don't want to put my faith in a "trick."

    I have another 24 hours until I receive my quick results! I'm going CRAZY!!!!
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  3. by   Boymomof3gs2018
    I took mine Thursday as well did the Pearson cue trick got an on hold msg. Then repeated and it let me re register used wrong expiration date were cold and my palm vein verification failed my status on Ohio board of nursing site says in review I have no confidence that I passed with that many questions I have already called the board to see about rescheduling a retest any body have positive thoughts on this
  4. by   Boymomof3gs2018
    We left for vacation Friday worst mistake to take before vacay haven't relaxed yet and may be depressed the whole time here have a job lined up scared they will let me go have been working as an Lpn for 8.5 years devistateed that I let everyone down
  5. by   RN123abc123
    I believe I read somewhere that if you exam results are on hold it could be because your palm scan was having difficulties. I've also read NUMEROUS articles about people who got the "bad" pop up and still passed the NCLEX! The PV trick isn't always accurate Have faith! I bet you passed it
  6. by   RN123abc123
    Update: I passed! I'm officially a RN
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  8. by   mslayt
    I did the PVT as well so hopefully it is accurate!!!