i week prior to taking the NCLEX; what else am i suppose to do?

  1. Hi everyone,
    I will be taking the NCLEX RN on 8/29/06...a week from today...Oh my GOD!!! I feel burnt out...It seems like I can't study any longer...I don't have any space left for any additional information...I've been doing the Kaplan course...I've done the Q trainers 3 times now( I just finished my 3rd try last week) and my scores have improved...I am doing more questions from the Qbank and also Im planning to re-do the NCSBN questions which I signed up for...But I feel like throwing up now whenever I re-do these practice questions.....I dont know what else to do....Any suggestions please....................
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  3. by   EricJRN
    Hang in there! The big day is almost here. Whenever you feel really sick of studying, sometimes it helps to step away. Get out of the house, do something fun.
  4. by   marieinla
    thanks eric...even if i wanted to do that, something inside is trying to tell me that i must still review and not try to relax....but thank you for your advice....
  5. by   Dabuggy
    I feel the same way. So much information. I feel guilty by not reviewing but sometimes you just have to walk away from it. So here I am.

  6. by   WSU_Ally_RN
    What else should you do??? RELAX!! If you are so stressed out from studying you are not going to retain anything else you study. You are fully prepared for this exam... you made it though nursing school afterall! I know its easier said than done to relax, but that's about all you can do now. Treat yourself to a massage, go shopping, go out to dinner, anything that will make you less stressed and more able to concentrate on the matter at hand next week! Good luck!!