I took the NCLEX-PN yesterday (May 23,2007)

  1. hi everyone.. yeah i took the nclex-pn exam yesterday and as same as many other students who took this type of exam i really feel anxious about the result.. my computer stops at 85!! actually when i was in number 84 question, i'm praying that my computer won't stop at 85.. but it happens, it stopped on that number..i just don't want to stop my computer on 85 because it made me think that the computer is 95% that you pass or fail the exam..im not sure about my answers so i felt like by the time my computer stops at 85, the computer is 95% that i fail the test.. as i left at pearsonvue yesterday, i just want to go over the floor and cry like a kid.. i'm not just confident and sure on what i answered on the test..i felt like i guess almost half of it!! from the beginning of the test i didn't expect that type of questions..it's a lot of reinforcement about teaching to patient.. some of the questions are really really long and made me confused and unable to figure out the topic of the question..when i tried to answer the question first before i look on the options, it made me freak out because on what i know didn't came out as a choice of the question.. i used ncsbn learningext and kaplan as my review materials.. ncsbn learningext showed a lot more easier questions on the review.. that's why i'm really shocked when im taking the test because it's far from what i have studied!! i think reviewing doesn't help me at all.. i just want to cry..i felt like i was mental blocked during the exam and doesn't remember what my last question was.. all i have to do now is to wait for the result..

    i just post my experience on my exam just to lessen the stress and anxiety that i'm going through right now..i know that im not the only person that experiencing this kind of feeling so i shared my thoughts so i can get some support from you guys.. thanks for reading my post
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  3. by   scoobydoo32
    good luck i have't taken my test yet but i heard alot of horror stories about it everyone that left the test afraid passed so don't worry think positive i'm sure you'll be ok have faith.
  4. by   jo0kgal
    Thanks a l0t!! go0dluck als0 t0 y0u.. h0pe y0u c0uld pass
  5. by   Tweety
    Welcome to Allnurses. Your experience doesn't sound unique. It's a dreadful test. Hang in there.
  6. by   jo0kgal
    thanks tweety.. i appreciate your response
  7. by   scoobydoo32
    thanks let me know how you did. good luck again
  8. by   zm259
    i wish you all the best. youll make it . you did your best and God will do the rest .
  9. by   Leilah75_RN
    best of luck to yah enjoy the wait.
  10. by   jo0kgal
    thank y0u very much f0r all the resp0nses guys..
  11. by   Leslerz19
    Hi Jo0kagal! Good luck on your results.

    I am too waiting for my results. I took my exam 5-21-07 and it ended at 100. This isn't my first time taking it, its my THIRD! So, I'm really praying that i pass it this time because I've been through so much with the other exams. I don't think I can handle another failing test. Keeping my fingers crossed for the both of us! :heartbeat
  12. by   jo0kgal
    thanks leslerz19.. i h0pe y0u c0uld pass als0 y0ur exam this time.. just keep praying, Life is fair..God is go0d..He'll d0 s0mething that's best f0r us.. Go0dluck!!
  13. by   Pbe
    jo0kgal,I know just how you feel. I felt that way my first time and my second time. Heck, I'm still feeling that way and scared to death to even pay to take it a third time. So I'm know I will be like Leslerz19. My family keeps telling me to go take it again but I'm so afraid of failure. I even think maybe I have wasted my time going to nursing school. Why can't I just get over this last hurdle???
    Anyway I hope that you (jo0kgal and Leslerz19) have passed. You know after all I went thru in school I dont see why I need to pass this darn test to get a license. But I will try again. I just have to get up the nerves.
  14. by   jo0kgal
    hi pbe.. thanks f0r y0ur c0ncerns..failure is the only way t0 get thr0ugh with this exam..I kn0w failure is really dissap0inting after y0u study hard..But keep the faith, y0u finish the nursing pr0gram s0 we must get thr0ugh this..go0dluck als0 t0 y0u..