I Passed with your prayers!

  1. Hi all, I passed I passed I passed! Just can't say it enough! First of all thank everyone who prayed and that Almighty GOD heard my prayer. Let this be an encouragment for others, I graduated 1997 took nclex failed! I was so disappointed I just gave up, until this year I decided to do my dreams no matter what. I studied Sanders 3rd ed , the questions and rationales helped me a lot I started seriously studying in May, I studied 2 hours per day. Even though I studied every possible, most of the stuff was on the test, a lot of repeat, no math . I prayed each day and night for directions. Prayer does work,but you still gotta study , God help those who help themselves. Never let any one take your sweet spirit to be a nurse! this site was such a BIG help and Suz plan. No matter what stay focus ,cut the T.v. off, tell husband/wife not until I study study study! Tell your friends not today unless they are giving you encouragments, you dont need no negative in your life now , your are already stress enough. Good luck and may God be with you. Learn to call on him at all times he would love to hear from you, not just bad/stressful times.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
  4. by   Hotlando
    Great Job Awesome You did it!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. by   jadu1106
    congratulations! your hard work has paid off!!
  6. by   renri4
    congrats! new RN!