I PASSED!....Thanks to all of you here...

  1. I just got results and I am so-o-o-o elated! I Passed the NCLEX-RN, but I don't know how many questions I actually had. The last no. I noted was 55 and 25 minutes after that, my screen just went blank! I tried not to panic :uhoh21: ( as we were advised in the reviews) but it was a little scary! :heartbeat I cannot say "thanks!" enough to all of the encouraging people on this site. Between study times I would come to the forum and read...it is as if there is a cheering array of fans...that helped me to know that I could do this. Thanks and my best to all of you!
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  3. by   muffie
    hooray :hatparty: :roll :Melody:
  4. by   redicedtea
    hi nana1206! congratulations!!

    when did you take your exam and what state? I took mine on March 1 but still no results on the brn website. No quickcount for cali either -- so i am waiting in agony...
  5. by   Nana1206
    Thanks! I took it on Friday, 3/2, in LA, then left town, pampered myself a little, so that the wait wasn't so bad...Best wishes to you:Melody:
  6. by   onduty23
    congratsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ssssssssssssssss
  7. by   medchick
    Nana, what school did yu graduate from?
  8. by   chocolate123
    Congratuations!!!! I'm going to dance with you because I want everyone to dance with me when I pass. Don't forget to log your information into the poll for those who has already taken the NCLEX.
  9. by   queen47
    Congrats Nana
  10. by   Nana1206
    Quote from muffie
    hooray :hatparty: :roll :Melody:

  11. by   Nana1206
    Thank you!!
  12. by   yesIcan
    congratulations nana
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