I passed nclex with 75 questions

  1. Hello I usually do not post on sites...I just enjoy reading about other people's successes, and journeys. I am a new grad. I graduated on 6-17-17 with my BSN. I was fearful of the nclex and worried about not passing on the first try. I was also worried about the number of questions I would get. I ended up passing on the first try on 8/14/17, with 75 questions. I used HURST 3 day live review (which was amazing) along with UWORLD (which was also amazing). I studied for one month straight, 8-10 hours a day. I would listen to the videos Hurst provided us with and I would do questions from Hurst bank and Uworld. I did around 300 questions a day. The actual test was not as hard as UWORLD in my opinion. I knew enough on each question asked on the NCLEX because of Uworld with the exception of 1 drug question.

    I walked out of the testing center knowing I passed. I did the PVT trick 30 mins after walking out of the test, to get the good pop up. I also did it 12 hours later to get the same good pop up. I found out this morning 8/16/17 that I passed through quick results.

    To everyone getting ready to take this test study, breath, pray, and believe in yourself. You have what you need to pass this exam.

    Best of luck to all new grads...
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  3. by   nadu13
    Congratulations ... I'm currrnrly enrolled in Hurst Live for LPN and I must say I enjoy it a lot.
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    Thank you and good luck with your exam...
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    Thank you
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    Great advice, I passed on 75 questions. I just took it ASAP after graduation as I surmised all the material was fresh in my mind. Breathe, pray and believe in oneself are excellent reminders; I think people really begin to go into a state of self-doubt and insecurity when the questions keep going, I know the friend with whom I went to take the test did yet he passed after 265 questions (English is not his 1st language.)
    I have seen people posting on hear taking the test 2nd or 3rd time and can see how insecurities are sabotaging their efforts.