i paasssseddd.... ...finally i passed. thanks to everyone.. - page 2

:balloons: :balloons: thanks to everyone for all there suppoooorrrtt seriously. i feel like im floating and now i can have my happy face all over now on this cuz i finally passed my lvn test.. im so... Read More

  1. by   luv2shop19mall
    ahhhh. you guys that responded to this made me feel so specail. i luv being a nurse without ajob. i have to start looking.oh ive come a long way and im so glad i didnt give up. im very determined that i will pass. i luv all my family that supported me.. even though i didnt get flowers for passing thats okay cuz one day i will be on my own.. tnx a million.. thanmks for keeping with my posts. .. this has been a great year and everyones happy for me.. im still floating in the air with baloons..
  2. by   suzy253