I need help please...failed rn nclex 4 times

  1. Hello, I'm currently an LPN. It's about to be a year since I graduated from nursing school. I've took the NCLEX 4 times so far. The first 3 times my test stopped at 75 questions and the last time it stopped at 85 questions. I've taken a refresher course, I've did Kaplan, u world, ati, remar review, got a tutor, Ncsbn....I just feel sooo defeated and depressed. I have no clue what I'm doing wrong and I need help. If anyone can please give me some adivce. It will be well appreciated
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  3. by   Mech22
    I just took my second attempt last Friday.the first time the computer shut off at 256 and my performance report was near passing border on all categories. This time the computer shut off after I answer 75th question. I haven't gotten result yet but I've gotten good pop up several times. (I'm still aware that don't mean I passed) honestly I wasn't thinking I was that ready. I used Saunders plus Uworld first time and second time I used ReMarReview and Uworld. Honestly you have to remember all info on ReMarReview. Then you should be good. I did that and I practice questions with Uworld. Not just read the info on the book. Actually memorize them. Like watch DVD 100 times. Especially quick fact. You have to know all that.
  4. by   Nurse889
    The good pop up is usually always right! You passed! Congratulations! & thank you so much with your advice. I definitely only watched the dvd twice..so I'll be sure to watch it everyday and drill the information. In my head
  5. by   Mech22
    I know it's super frustrating when you just wanna pass and don't happen. I took my first exam in January 2017! So its actually has been over a year!! I was so tired and done after the first try. Didn't feel like opening any books. But don't give up! You will pass next time if you study right!! I also downloaded those dvd on my iPad an d listened to it when I drove places or cooking. To me, audio and picture help a lot to memorize stuff. I also used registers nurse. Coms video on YouTube. She has very helpful videos. Good luck on your study! And I hope I passed this time! Finger cross
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    Just read and analyze the question carefully,if you don't get it once u read,read it again.
    And if you do your review you read rationale for each questions even if that's not the right answer,so had the idea. That's what I do.
    I used ncsbn,Kaplan and uworld...
    Don't lose hope,focus and study...and Pray
  7. by   Nurse889
    Thank you sooo much!!
  8. by   kmnew
    I failed nclex first time with 265 Q. For the second time, I first used hurst review, it gave me basic understanding of the topics. But on all 4 assessment I did not get passing score, so I purchased UWORLD. I finished all the questions and both assessments. On all practice assessments I scored about an average. On some test I did scored in low 40s. I did at least 100-150 Q day and read rational for all those Q. I started with Pharm Q and read rational on right and wrong selections. By doing pharm first, it helped me answer the questions in other sections as well. I completed all the Q by the subjects in UWORLD. I read rational on all the questions (even if I got the answer correct). I prepared the notes from these rationals and studied these notes for 3 days before my exam. (I prepared 144 pages note from hurst and UWORLD). This gave me confidence. I gave my test on the Mar 12 and received my results yesterday. I PASSED it with 75 Q the second time.

    You can also do it... don't give up hope. I wish best of luck to all the people who are preparing for NCLEX.
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    Hi I'm sorry to hear that, I have Mark Klemik lectures. Email me and I'll send it to you. cicely.nicholas@yahoo.com
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    Hi do you have the notes too?
  12. by   c27_AEMT
    I used ATI in school, the NCLEX prep app (which I really liked), and NRSNG the website. I studied for about a month but am not the best at studying. I am an exceedingly good test taker and good at internalizing information, especially trivia which really helps me as a nurse and in test taking as some of those questions in nursing are weird and "random."

    The best advice I can give is to understand test taking, figure out your learning style, and take a ton of practice questions or do a ton of whatever reinforces the info for you. I literally was doing about 1k questions a day the last 2 weeks before my test. Also when you read the question see if you can think of the answer before you read your options. It can really help so you don't get distracted.

    I have sat for the TCRN test recently and smashed it and I did basically the same. There was a book that had quick tips and just small tidbits and that didn't work for me...the questions keep my mind engaged and the rationales reinforce the answers.

    Best of luck! Soon the NCLEX will just be a distant memory.
  13. by   Blessed2018
    Use uworld
  14. by   PurpPlumeria
    I used UWorld only. But make sure you keep doing the questions over and over. And most important read the rationals!! Good luck you got this!