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c27_AEMT has 5 years experience as a BSN, EMT-I and specializes in Emergency.

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  1. c27_AEMT

    Vanderbilt MSN 2018

    Would anyone be willing to PM me and talk to me about Vandy for NP? I am planning on pursuing my NP and thinking about using my GI bill. I have my BSN now and a bit of experience. I would love to pick anyone's brain who is willing to let me. I am s...
  2. c27_AEMT


    Well, I scheduled the test for about 6 weeks from the TCRN review course so I probably don't have time for another course. I will look into their review materials though and hopefully that will be enough. Thanks for the info!
  3. c27_AEMT

    How to call a provider at 3 am

    I will use text pages for things like med requests or anything straightforward and leave my number so they can call with more questions. That is typically easier for both of us. I am not sure how it is everywhere else, but where I work (ER) we do an...
  4. c27_AEMT

    Charge nurse calls doc at night

    I am with guy in babyland. I work in a large ER and have an iphone to communicate with er people (or will go find them) but when i work in our part of the ED with boarders or have boarded patients in the ER, I will call whoever the service is. IF I...
  5. c27_AEMT

    I need help please...failed rn nclex 4 times

    I used ATI in school, the NCLEX prep app (which I really liked), and NRSNG the website. I studied for about a month but am not the best at studying. I am an exceedingly good test taker and good at internalizing information, especially trivia which ...
  6. c27_AEMT

    Experienced Viewpoint Please?

    Just my thoughts, as I was in your shoes not too long ago. I went with an ASN. It was cheaper, I would be an RN sooner, the NCLEX pass rate was near 100%, and the clinical placements were great for final semester, not to mention that during the pr...
  7. c27_AEMT


    I am typically one to over prepare. Do you think the Solheim pocket practice (all four) and review course, TNCC and a ATLS audit within the year (with extra review of the books) are sufficient to pass the exam? I work in a level I trauma in the ER ...
  8. c27_AEMT

    Greener grass?

    MrNurse(x2) thanks for the advice. That really makes sense and as someone coming to nursing in their 30s, is a little tough to grasp at times. I honestly love what I do most days but they do work us to death with boarders (including ICU) that can j...
  9. c27_AEMT

    Greener grass?

    AceOfHearts The shifts I pick up are time and a half at their base rate befor shift diff or actual overtime so they are around the same pay or a little more than I would get from other organizations in the area. I think I am ok sticking with it here...
  10. c27_AEMT

    Greener grass?

    Good points KelRN215. My friend who is a travel nurse here but also started here was saying that if we started out around $30 it would be more commensurate with the work we do. Overall it is a good place but I guess I will see what happens once I c...
  11. c27_AEMT

    Greener grass?

    Thanks for the reply. I hear about some nurses making quite a bit more yearly but I guess a lot of that comes down to experience. I don't want to leave a place where my only complaint is the pay and find myself in a place where the people and organ...
  12. c27_AEMT

    Greener grass?

    I am finding myself somewhat frustrated with my pay as an RN. My total compensation is very good, I feel but due to my overall financial situation (pre-nursing school student loans), I am considering moving to a higher paying organization. My curren...
  13. Not the OP but I have been having a similar situation after being ED for a while. Lots of non-compliance but also lots of patients who just aren't sick. Working in critical and trauma can be pretty cool but the acute care is so draining. I will ha...
  14. c27_AEMT

    BSN is a joke

    I am just a new nurse coming to nursing from a very eclectic past. Here's my two cents; take it or leave it. If someone has mentioned this, I missed it but to OP: why not consider a RN-MSN program. There are quite a few out there and some are not ...
  15. I wish I would have done it before 30. It makes me sad to see all the negative experiences...I think my best decision besides becoming a nurse was choosing to work with an organization that really values its nurses. I see where some of my classmate...