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  1. How to call a provider at 3 am

    I've worked nights on and off for about 10 years- I have many stories from calling providers in the middle of the night, good, bad and funny. Bad story: My patient status post-GI surgery complains of chest pain at 4 am, I call the intern and...
  2. I hate my new grad nurse residency program HELP

    -No job is perfect, ever!! Make a list of pros and cons and think of the pros on bad days -Even if you switch jobs you could HATE your new job, the grass is not always greener on the other side -Make a five year plan and start working towards it- can...
  3. How Not to Study

    I have always done well in school but good grades have not come easy, they require me to study for hours, make countless flashcards, attend lectures and read the book. Usually this produced results in the category of an A or a B and avoiding the nurs...
  4. Favorite Motivational Quote

    Learn something new every day, there's many ways to do the same thing!
  5. Poo or Get off the Pot

    My first day as a nursing assistant, I arrive in my pretty new scrubs and meet the nursing assistant who will be training me. I greatly enjoyed everything we did that day and was perfecting things I had learned in nursing school-taking vitals, checki...
  6. When to call Rapid Response Team?

    We would only rapid response for pain meds or admission meds if the physician wasn't responding for a certain amount of time. Running to help at a code blue or rapid response if you are not assigned to is not usually helpful. Typically there are w...
  7. Weight loss for nurses

    My first nursing job working nights, my body was so out of whack I lost 15 pounds. I quickly gained that back and then some when I switched to days and started grad school . I have recently lost 10 pounds while working full time rotating shifts wit...
  8. Missed call from HR. Too late to call back?

    Always return their phone call! If you were receiving a call, they are interested in interviewing you. Even if the job they called about initially was filled, they could very well have another position in mind for you. Just simply return their pho...
  9. In order to take care of others, you need to take care of yourself! I have been in your shoes and it does get better! Take your lunch break (many places do not pay you for your lunch break, FYI), I like to walk outside if the wether is ok or do some...
  10. How do you feel about being a nurse?

    I love being a nurse and now a nurse practitioner but they are both very difficult jobs!! It will not be easy and you need to be dedicated. My advice to you is to do as much research as you possibly can- this website, nursing blogs, job shadowing, v...
  11. Washing scrubs?

    Vinegar for sure! Another trick that works for me is putting my deodorant on at night before I go to sleep, I sweat way less.

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