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Nurse-please has 7 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Emergency Medicine.

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  1. University of South Alabama PMHNP Spring 2023

    I think you will hear before that. I heard within two weeks after their deadline of Oct 1st. I submitted back end of August. that does seem like it’s pretty close though, there’s a lot of stuff that needs to be done prior to starting like up to da...
  2. University of South Alabama PMHNP Spring 2023

    The fact they keep moving the start date back is questionable. Makes me wonder if they haven’t received many applicants
  3. University of South Alabama PMHNP Spring 2023

    What is GW? I just received notification end of last week that I’ve been accepted. Hopefully we will be classmates! 🙂
  4. Hey guys, Wondering if any of you applied to the PMHNP program with University South Alabama for this upcoming Spring 2023 term? I submitted my application after the priority deadline in late August but before the extended deadline of Oct 1s...
  5. University of South Alabama or Chamberlin University

    Were your classes at USA asynchronous?
  6. Spring 2023 University of South Alabama BSN-MSN

    I didn’t make the priority deadline but the extended. Initially it said Sept 1st, then I noticed it changed to October 1st. I submitted everything the last week of August. anyone else in my boat? Still haven’t heard. If I have to wait 8 wee...
  7. Coping with the Death of a Fellow Nurse

    Brandy1017, Wow, what an incredibly hard thing to go through with your coworker! I am glad you were able to have a memory of her being happy with her family. I too, tend to feel emotional when I hear or read of a nurse dying, even if I had no...
  8. Coping with the Death of a Fellow Nurse

    Yes, I think this hits the nail right on the head. It is incredibly sad to see someone who has an incredible wealth of knowledge and someone who is a great nurse, receive such a terrible diagnosis.
  9. Coping with the Death of a Fellow Nurse

    Thank you, and sorry for your loss. I appreciate the input of your personal experience. That was the intent of this post, to see how others cope with these difficult situations involving coworkers. I work at a small facility, everyone knows everyone ...
  10. Coping with the Death of a Fellow Nurse

    I didn’t mean I would go to therapy for this particular instance, I mean in general as a way to help cope with the ups and downs of the profession itself. I did not make that clear. I was not trying to make her situation about myself, and would never...
  11. Last night at work, I had a fellow coworker and fellow nurse seek care in our ED. She’s relatively young and the night ended with an admission and what’s going to be, more than likely, a terminal diagnosis. I won’t get into any details because she is...
  12. Has anyone else experienced their patients get really hot (Subjective to the patient, not fever) or like a full body “heat rush” (as one patient explained to me) after giving calcium gluconate? It last for maybe 45 seconds and gets better. Patient at...
  13. Small ER no RT after 9pm

    Hey again! Man, I love this group. So I picked up a casual ER position about 1 hour from my house in the middle of NOWHERE. It's a small facility...7 bed ER. I think 15 bed inpatient.. normal ER census is 14 a day. Two RNs staffed in the ...
  14. Is Assessing Gag Reflex Still a Thing?

    Do you assess gag reflex by touching the pharynx with a tongue depressor? I would be so cautious to do that, especially in a patient that’s on a substance or has ETOH on board... I’d be afraid for them vomiting then aspirating and then for sure we wo...
  15. Is Assessing Gag Reflex Still a Thing?

    I guess I wasn’t thinking of assessing the gag reflex as putting in an OPA or NPA.. I was speaking more of tongue blade to the pharynx.. An NPA would have been very suitable for this patient thanks for the response!