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I feel like burning most the LVN review books I bought as they did me no good what-so-ever on the NCLEX. The questions I got came out of left field. Stuff that wasn't taught in school like post... Read More

  1. by   eileeners
    Quote from Raffy911
    I waited around 25 days to get my results. Find a hobby to get yourself distracted. I watched the entire first 3 seasons of greys anatomy while i was waiting.
    That's a good idea! I'm watching the first season of The Tudors.
  2. by   eileeners
    Quote from valeegrl2000
    Hi all, i'm new here. Just wanted to say that i agree with the test being pretty easy. Took me about an hour to finish the entire thing. It stopped at 85. I really think the questions were plain and honest nursing questions. I live in california so it took me about 4 weeks for me to get my results, which is what killed me and also made me doubt myself, because i began to wonder why everyone would say the test was hard when i really didnt think so. Then i began to freak out because people kept telling me if the questions get progressively harder then it means you're answering them correctly but i really didnt see it that way so because of the long wait i became a tad discouraged. But anyway, got my results and i passed! Unfortunately now i have to wait 3-4 weeks to get the license itself. So that;ll be a nice long wait...i mean i've waited this long.

    Have faith in yourselves...pretty sure you all did very well!! :wshgrt:
    I thought the test was easy as well but I know that's a bad sign. I talked to some of my classmates and they said it was hard. I walked out of the testing center in an hour and wanted to take smack myself for not taking my time. Aarrgh! It's only been a week since I've taken the exam and I'm getting more discouraged each day. I hope it's a positive outcome.
  3. by   Ramelite
    Everybody dont worry. I know it is not easy waiting. I even doubted myself at times. I told my Nursing Director that I thought the test was really easy. She told me that she never has heard anyone say it was easy in her whole nursing career (30 years). Well I guess I was her first. Best to luck to everybody. I have talked to people in my class that have taken the test questions ranged from 85-205 and all of them have passed. So dont worry.
  4. by   tiffee818
    I got my results in the mail like 10 minutes ago.... It was in an 8 x 11 envelope and I opened it and it said I PASSED!!!!! YIPPEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I AM AN LVN!!!!!! WOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!!! Good luck to all!!!!!
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  6. by   NenadeDios
    Wow Congrats Tiffee,
    how many questions did you get? was there alot of pharm ?
  7. by   tiffee818
    Thank you so much. I had between 92 and 96. I don't exactly remember what the number was. I looked down at the counter at 92 and then a couple after that it shut off. There was pharm but there was also diet. Go in there feeling confident. I also took a crash course the week before. I didn't even open one of the review books that I bought. Good Luck! WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!
  8. by   bijou
    "I took the Nclex PN today. I feel ill. It stopped at 85 and I was so hoping it would way pass question 85 'cause I really did not answer the questions properly. I had tons of SATA, and about 3-4 calculations. Drugs I can't even recall ever reviewing. My friend who passed swears I passed, but in my heart of hearts I don't really believe so. I'm reading this thread out of sheer desperation looking for comfort and solace. I'm not hysterical right now 'cause I don't want my daughter to see me so unhappy and defeated. If I could cry a million tears right now, I could. I honestly feel like I have a bad hangover with out the pleasure of the party. What kind of physical ailment is that? If by some odd way I passed, it will truly be a miracle. If I failed, I will subscribe to Kaplan and get more detailed about side effects of meds and patient teaching. Fortunately, I don't have to wait a month for the bad news. I find out Monday or Tuesday on the 14th or 15th. I'll post my results when I get them." ... Hi, it's "The day after"...I posted this on another thread, and got no responses so I'm reposting here. Congratulations to all you confirmed new nurses! I can't believe I've been a member here 'since 06... It brings home the fact that I and my family have given up a lot for me to get to this point of just waiting and it all depends on ust 85 questions.. I feel a little better today. If I have to redo the test I will. Maybe I will know my results by tomorrow or Tuesday nite, the latest. I'm sorry, this is overlong. I'm obsessing. Oh another thought, I thought some of my questions were easy but the choices were so difficult to distinguish as to which was the best answer. So, there you go, God Bless us all!
  9. by   Nurse2919
    hey....Don't worry believe me I was in ur shoes 4 weeks ago....I could not sleep anymore or do anything else lolzz....but when I got results it was not bad....its just natural...cuz they questions are very diffrent than what we've been preparing and as far meds goes I had a lot of med questions and BELIEVE me I didn't know 1 med outa thoes....so don't worry U will be just fine...!!!! let me know when u get ur results....untill then take care n DO NOT worry!!
  10. by   eileeners
    Congrats to you!!! I should be receiving the results this week. I'm crossing my fingers.
  11. by   bijou
    rdnrs:hi world! i passed!!! praise god & everyone who has assisted in getting me to this point!:tinkbll:dreams do come true! good luck to all those preparing, taking, and waiting for their nclex results. by far, this was my most favorite thread, lol.
  12. by   eileeners
    congrats to you bijou!!! it must be a relief.

    well, it's been 3 weeks for me so i'm hoping to get my results this week or early next week. wish me luck!

    Quote from bijou
    rdnrs:hi world! i passed!!! praise god & everyone who has assisted in getting me to this point!:tinkbll:dreams do come true! good luck to all those preparing, taking, and waiting for their nclex results. by far, this was my most favorite thread, lol.
  13. by   bijou
    Thank you! I can't wait to hear your good news, eileeners! This is by far the most sweetest day to savor. I'm sitting here in shock and contentment and gratefullness.