I hope this helps those who took the nclex and waiting for results or will take it soon!

  1. Hello everyone!

    I hope this post can help many of you going through the waiting game of waiting for your exam results. If you're reading this chances are you took your exam and are going through the torture of waiting the 48 hours to receive your results. I won't go in to detail of my whole process as i am sure that's the last thing you really care to know right now, all you want to know is DID I PASS????

    Im here to tell you of some things that WORKED for me and maybe it helps you. It's not 100 percent but maybe it will help ease your nerves until the official results are posted.

    the Pearson trick DID work for me, however i waited to do it to make sure it wasn't too soon. I took my exam at 2pm and checked around 8pm. I tried to register and received the "results on hold" pop up. If you receive this it does not necessarily mean you failed it just means that your results are under investigation and they have to go back and review your exam, video tape of you testing etc to make sure everything is okay. This sometimes happens when you finish too quickly etc it's not necessarily a bad thing.

    I then did the Pearson trick again the next day and received the "good pop up" which says i can not register because i already took an exam or something of that sort.

    Then the following day at exactly 48hrs of taking my exam my quick results were posted and it showed "pass" I then checked again the next day in the board of nursing and my license number was posted officially.

    this worked for me, i can't say it's 100 percent fool proof but for ME it 100 percent worked.

    also one last note, for the Pearson trick I used an actual card just the wrong expiration number otherwise it WILL charge you if you fail.

    this is just my own personal experience only and just wanted to share my experience with others because i more than anyone understand what you're going through and how on edge your nerves are at this moment.

    if i can do it, so can you!
    Lastly, i only used strictly uworld for a whole month 45 questions a day until i completed the whole entire Qbank. I took both assessments at the end and got high chances of passing. My scores weren't that great between 40s-50s. So don't worry you got this you can do it.

    wish you the very best and you will be a nurse. I really do hope this helps someone, i wish i had these tips when i took mines and found nothing, so i hope this helps you easing your nerves.

    good luck!
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  3. by   ozonezgrl
    Thanks for sharing

    I only used Uworld too for 3 weeks. Took the exam this am and I tried the pvt trick an hr after and got a good pop up. Hopefully it's accurate..
  4. by   Mtac32
    How was the test ?
  5. by   Newgradnurse17
    Hahaha 48 hours of torture. Try 4 weeks of torture!!! I take my state finals exam next week, my country's version of the nclex, and we have 4 weeks of waiting for results. No tricks or quick results, nothing for 4 weeks. Luckily I'm going overseas straight after that will stop me overthinking and getting anxious.
  6. by   AnRN43
    The test was very challenging, however i feel that uworld prepared me so much that by the time i took my exam i felt prepared weird enough. The test was intimidating to me but uworld really built my confidence, no matter which question you're by in the exam stay focused and keep at it, whether is 75 or 265 there's always that chance of passing. I did the entire QBank for uworld and then went back and reviewed the wrong questions all over again, it wasn't until i was done with everything that i went ahead and scheduled my exam. Stay positive it makes a huge difference!

    Good Luck!
  7. by   AnRN43
    Quote from ozonezgrl
    Thanks for sharing

    I only used Uworld too for 3 weeks. Took the exam this am and I tried the pvt trick an hr after and got a good pop up. Hopefully it's accurate..
    how did it go? did you pass?
  8. by   SilentscrubRN
    wow! hope i cann pass it.. uworld seems a 5 star! more tips on reviewing about lab values?