i feel helpless and dumb...

  1. hi everyone.... i posted a thread here before that i was going to take the nclex-pn soon, and that soon is on november 22 and i feel like i don't know anything anymore... i mean i spent 4 years in a BSN program, graduated last year with considerably high grades and ive been stagnant until now... (omg im starting to cry) i know i should have been studying but instead i got myself a job and just kinda let myself go for a while.. now that i have applied for the exam and having to take it so soon, i feel like a total airhead... i would have my boyfriend (who is a soon-to-become-nurse also) ask me various questions from nursing school and more than not i would answer them wrong... i took a review course earlier this year which didnt seem to help cuz they were like breezing through the book (saunders). i have the book and im going to start on suzanne's study program which i hope would help me... i would like to know how you guys used the study program, like how many hours a day, what time of day and the notes u guys took... did you finish the book first before starting the 10 q's... i really need to pass this.... ok im done venting, i feel much calm... boy just letting this out makes me feel good... i can't talk to anyone in my family about this, they think so highly of me being the only one who graduated and all....i just feel dumb.... thanks for listening guys.... oh yeah by the way i like that whenever i doodle my name its always like this: Desiree L. Lucero RN
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  3. by   spectral_ev
    i didn't expect to pass my boards. i had my daughter the month before and my mind had been mush since my seventh month of pregnancy. i was leaking breast milk. my plan was just to take them and then pass on the second try. by the first three questions i knew i should pass the test. on break there were huddles of people agonizing about question 33 was it a or b and stuff like that. i stayed away from them. they never gave me the score, so maybe i passed by one point, but i passed, and you will too. if not on the first try, then on the second. but don't worry, you'll probably pass on the first.
  4. by   blessed1702
    Please have faith in yourself, you will pass, keep studying!
  5. by   augigi
    You have plenty of time to make a thorough study plan!! You have all the knowledge, now you just need to practice the questions. You'll do fine, just start now.
  6. by   sweetnnurse
    Please dont procrastinate anymore, dust yourself off hold your head high and complete what you had started. Tell yourself "its not over till its over". Regardless of the fact that we earned a degree in nursing there is no respect gained until we have professional licensure. So forget about everyone else do this for you! I can tell you this because i have procrastinated for so long taking this test and then some. I cannot allow anyone else to go through the same thing like i did. Thank God i found this forum and regained confidence (because all my friends from school had passed their test and moved on so i had no shoulders to cry on because we had nothing in common anymore. I felt like a coward and a failure. I felt like i had let down my whole family , friends and teachers who have given so much. Because of this forum, i have found support and strength to go on. i dont have a success story to tell you now but i know that if i test and i dont make it, i will not give up again - ever! you can PM me anytime.
  7. by   DolphinRN84
    Don't give up! You've come so far by finishing school and graduating. You just have one more obstacle left which is the NCLEX. I'm hoping you pass on the first try. If not, just retake it. You will be a nurse. Just have faith. Best of luck to you!
  8. by   sunkissed_dez
    OMG i love you huys... u guys are the best...im so glad i found this forum, u guys really live up to this slogan on our uniform in nursing school... it said NURSES: lifting spirits, touching lives.. the encouragement in here is so great, u guys make the effort of letting us newbies feel really welcome... i know i can do this because there are people like u guys here to help me along the way, im gonna do my best, give it my all and at the end of that exam im gonna say "i did it!!" im gonna be just like u guys... thanks so much, NO MORE PROCRASTINATING, im gonna start NOW
  9. by   hlfpnt
    Have faith in yourself & just keep studying...You CAN do this! All my best to you!