I failed NCLEX-PN with 85 questions.

  1. I passed! All of this hysteria for nothing! Waiting were the two longest days of my life.


    Hi, I took the test on Tuesday afternoon. I went in feeling very confident: my school grades were decent, but not outstanding (GPA 3.25); I had been studying for a month and had done thousands of questions in several different books. The ATI predictor said that I had a 99% chance of passing (got 82.2% on the test, and my teachers said that is an excellent grade). The NLN predictor test that I took on Friday said that I had a "good" chance of passing...I got 88% correct, and the report said that is better than 99% of the sample who took NCLEX and passed. My instructors assured me that I would have no problem passing.

    So how did I fail? I didn't know the really basic stuff, and since I got those questions wrong, I didn't get the harder questions that I'm actually much better at (the critical thinking stuff). For example, I had a TWO questions about calculating I&O. I could not remember if we included jello in liquids; I thought that we didn't since it is not liquid at room temperature, but of course you do, and everyone knows that. So I think that the computer kept trying to give me a fair shake at passing, but I have a hard time with the memorization stuff, like stages of labor...stuff that you just gotta know...I can reason my way thru most situations, but I had so many questions that were not "reasoning" type. For information that can be easily referenced, I've always just used my PDA to look it up, since I know that I have a hard time with memorization. So, I know where to focus my efforts: I have to go back and find ways to keep the basics in my ole' brain.

    When the computer shut off at 85 questions, I wanted to make it come back and give me an opportunity to prove myself, but no...it was certain that I had not met the passing standard. My DH said that there must be something wrong with the computer test, but I assured him that isn't the case - the fault lies only with me.

    I am absolutely crushed that I failed. I went to a job fair the day before the test, and was so excited about finding somewhere to work, using my knowledge to help people, and now that is all delayed. Not to mention that I haven't worked for over a year, and am absolutely broke, and will need to find a job, and it probably won’t be one that I want. I'm humiliated, because I felt so sure of myself, and now I have to tell my family and friends that I failed. And at the risk of sounding cocky, I've never really failed at anything before. I've always gotten the jobs that I wanted; did okay in school; and have generally been successful in what I do. This is a major blow to my sense of self. Maybe the hardest part of this is watching my adored little sister. I'm so proud of her - we went to school together, and she worked while in school, but still got terrific grades. She has a job, pending her license. She's taking the exam next week. I hate to give her any of my bad mojo, and I know that she's going to feel spooked since I failed (we're very close).

    Others have been in the same predicament as me, so I know that I have to stop the whining and give myself a kick in the butt to get back to the books with a new study plan. I should get my confirming quick results tomorrow and will return my temporary practice permit to the state. I've already filled out my application to take the test again; have to wait 91 days to do so.

    Thanks for reading.

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  3. by   happydays352
    I'm so sorry . Hugs!
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    Sorry to hear this, Hang in there take a few days off and give yourself change to mentally recover before you start studying