I failed NCLEX again!!!!

  1. Hi everyone,

    I took my NCLEX-RN for the 2nd time and Failed. I took it last Monday 10/02/06 and no results on the website. I stopped at 101 or 102 but I know I failed for sure cuz it was getting hard then it got really easy at the end and it just shut off. I feel so sad cuz I had studied my little butt off. I did nearly 5000 questions and read the Saunder's book. I had never wanted anything so bad other than to be an RN. Nobody knew that I took the test other than my boyfriend who was really supportive. The really sad part is, my first test, I got 265 questions. I can't believe I did much worst the 2nd time around. It's really hard to pick up and start studying all over again. Most of my classmate passed and one girl was stressed out and wanted to quit nursing. I was thinking, I would do anything to pass. Thanks for listening and the support. Wishing everyone who is taking or already taken the NCLEX best wishes.
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  3. by   nurse414
    i am so sorry! i haven't taken mine yet and already i am affraid. i too want it more than anything. i know what i would do if i were you. i would to continue to try, until i got the prize. you can do it. things that take real effort are appreciated even more. sounds cheezy, but it's true. if you have to work for it than you will be all the more greatful for it. (not that you wouldn't be now) if you want to ride the horse you got to get back up after you fall and learn to ride steady with a sore butt. you'll know this stuff so well that you'll be teaching it to others. also, remember that from your trail, you will be able to impart great wisdom to future nurses that are having the same trouble. you will be thier sun light in thier dark day. hang in there- you will make it. remember what they call the rn who had to take the test more than 2 times to pass and passed on thier third try? they call her rn!
    you'll make it if you keep trying-you will!:flowersfo
  4. by   DolphinRN84
    I'm sorry you're feeling so down. I am a little confused though. Did you get your results and it mentioned you didn't pass? You said you took it on Monday. What state do you live in? If it's CA it takes a while for the BON to post results so you may not have failed. I hope you feel better though. :flowersfo :icon_hug:
  5. by   EricJRN
    Hold up! You don't even have your results yet. Trying to make your own determinations about hard vs easy questions is a very subjective thing. Don't get down on yourself at this point.
  6. by   Nursing28
    Nurse414: I had tears when I read what you wrote and chills. Thanks for the support. I will continue to keep trying. LenaRN06: Yes, I am from CA. Most of my friends got their results in 2 days over the website. Some (very few) got their results in 3 days. And rarely do they find out that they pass through letters. One of my classmate just got her results and passed (took her 2 days). Anyhow, I started work as a CNA today in ICU and boy let me tell you, the nurses were nasty to me in the morning. It's funny cuz when they found out that I went to nursing school and failed boards, they all a sudden were nice and trying to encourage me. Honestly I think they thought I was a stupid CNA who had no education. I felt sad cuz there were so many nurses there and some were mean to the patients. I know one thing for sure, once I pass the NCLEX the next time, I know not to be like them and have more respect towards the CNA's.........I think they forgot the true meaning of what a nurse is truly about. I know we don't know one another, but thanks for taking the time to write me back and being so supportive.
  7. by   DolphinRN84
    It's no trouble at all. Some people have their names on the BON site in a couple of days, but there have been people on this forum who have passed but got their results in 2-4 weeks. I feel like there is still hope, you just have to be patient. I'm really hoping you passed though...here's another hug for you. :icon_hug:
  8. by   nurse414
    Sounds like the other nurses there are giving you a great lesson on "how not to be" Your the light in someone elses darkness- remember who you are and everything will fall into place.
  9. by   metalmom
    I know how hard it is to wait. i took mine on a Monday and it posted at 0200 on thursday meaning you have less than 6 hours til you find out. it's murder waiting. The fact that it seemed hard and then got easier, well who knows. I think our minds play tricks with us when we sit for the NCLEX. I'll say a little prayer for you and in a few hours welcome you to the world of a new CA RN.!!!!
  10. by   Nursing28
    Hi Metalmom,
    Hi, are you from CA? You found out your results at 2:00a? Thanks....you guys are all putting me in tears.....happy tears cuz you guys care. I don't want to let my parents down although they didn't even know I took it. Mom keeps asking me when I'm going to sit down to re-test. Everytime she ask me, I just go to my room and cry........
  11. by   Nursing28
    Sorry metalmom cuz the location said "So Cali"......oh my bad, South Carolina right? So sorry......oh my gosh, I can't even think right now.....
  12. by   EricJRN
    Wow... it sounds like you are carrying a heavy burden with this secret. I am still hoping that you'll get the 'pass' very soon.
  13. by   blessed1702
    Keep the faith 28! I prayed for you. I'm waiting with you took mine again today Oct. 4th... Keep smiling
  14. by   littleroxy79
    don't feel bad. i had to take boards twice. got the biggest cold sore ever. i took all 265 and it took me 3 hours. i was the last person to leave the test site. this supervisor i know had to take it 5-6 times. so don't be discouraged. take the desiginated "breaks" and don't stress about it the night before you take it. just relax. good luck again.