i failed ... huhuhu

  1. i only told my husband that i am taking the exam, to lessen the burden and pressure from family and friends ... i always seek help and support from this website ... because i know people here are the most that would understand how i feel ...

    i took the exam april 27 for the second time ... i tried the pearsonvue webtrick and i went thru the credit card payment page, i know it means i failed ... i checked the CA brn and my name is not there, i am really sure that i failed ... today after 2 weeks of waiting, my failed result letter arrived ... in a way, the pearsonvue web trick helped me accept it sooner ... but i am still sad and depressed ... i feel like i let my husband down, he's been very supportive and loving ... and i failed him ... i feel like i am a disappointment to suzzane, i must be the first and only person who failed using her plan ... i feel so stupid ... thinking maybe nursing is not for me ...

    my relatives and friends are already asking me when i will take my exam, i always tell them that i do not have my eligibility yet ... but i dunno what else to tell them now ... i just don't want more pressure as it is ... i graduated nov 2005 and took the nclex for the first time august 2006, i told all my family and friends, asked for their prayers ... but i failed, and i was so embarassed ... they expected me to pass, even my professors thought i was kidding when i told them i had failed, because im on top of our class ... that's why on my second try last april 27, i did not tell anybody, only my husband ... i know im lucky that i have a supportive husband, but im just sad that i failed, i wanted to repay him with a good news that i passed ... but i failed ... huhuhuh
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  3. by   pers
    I'm so sorry to hear your bad news. I think it's ok to be sad, the whole process is so emotional and stressful. Have yourself a good cry and let your hubby comfort you.

    I wish I could offer more, but all l I know to say is to keep trying. There are plenty of nurses who needed multiple tries to pass the NCLEX and they turned out to be great nurses! Give yourself a day or two to let it sink in and then regroup to start the process again.

    If you make it through school, you can do this too!
  4. by   caliotter3
    You will pass the test if you don't give up. Don't worry about what you will tell people, if they ask, just say you are having trouble with it and don't go into details. Who cares what they think anyway? When you pass, they will all be happy for you just the same. Get ready to start preparing again when you get your paperwork in again. You know the drill by now. Just keep at it. Good luck.