i do not know how to start this is my fourth attempt .....

  1. hi everybody again i come back with a badge of failure.....lost my three attempts and now this time cannot make my self to get up and again be a part of long race....i do not know i am really depressed....tense....irritable....i do not know feeling alone...plzz if anybody can help me to start my studies....thanks
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  3. by   Miniangel2
    Hi! Caur,, NEVER GIVE UP, and You can do it! There is so many Material Books that helps you Pass, am in your same situation, I am studying really Hard that i gave up my work so i can FOCUS!

    Right now I am focusing in my Few Books, like:starting to Used Mary Ann Hogan Comprehensive 2nd ed and I do Practice Questions after I study the core content! I study the content in my laptop, so i dont see the BIG THICK BOOK that put me to SLEEP LOL!! Goodluck and Take it easy!!
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  4. by   Lev <3
    The first thing to do is read the Saunders book cover to cover. Don't bother with the questions because they are too easy. Amazon.com: Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN Examination, 5e (Saunders Comprehensive Review for Nclex-Rn) (9781437708257): Linda Anne Silvestri: Books

    Next, get the LaCharity and answer all the questions. Read the rationales of the answers, even the ones you get right. Amazon.com: Prioritization, Delegation, and Assignment: Practice Exercises for the NCLEX Examination, 2e (9780323065702): Linda LaCharity, Candice K. Kumagai, Barbara Bartz: Books

    Finally, take the Kaplan classroom course. Read the electronic course book cover to cover. Watch the videos for areas you struggle in. Do all the q-trainers and q bank questions. Read the rationales. Pass the NCLEX Guaranteed or Your Money Back | Kaplan Nursing

    If you follow these steps exactly, you will be an RN in no time!
  5. by   Nurse2bplease
    I am right there with you and I did all those steps. I had to do a remediation program, my own design, and now need to get permission to test again. I, like you feel defeated. I have NEVER failed anything and to have it happen 3 times is awful. Hang in there.
  6. by   SusieQu
    You are not alone, i. Know how it feels, i even gave up my job to get well prepare for the exam, but i know time wasnt enough for all that i had to review, maybe we can get together to study.
  7. by   caur
    thanks for ur reply.....i an trying to stand up........