I cant afford Kaplan! Help!

  1. Hello everyone, I recently graduated in May and could not afford Kaplan. I have been looking around for a good study book does anyone know of any good books that may help?
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  3. by   sheune15
    try mosby ,lippincott and the cram book.mosby and cram's questions are at the nclex level(i know cos i took nclex last month and failed)having primarily used saunders.saunders is just good for basic knowledge but as far as the qs are concerned, go cram or mosby.good luck
  4. by   txchris93
    To whom it may concern:

    I use a website called Chegg.com to rent textbooks and whatever else you may need. Also look at Amazon.com or even ebay might have something to help you with.
  5. by   SunshineBSN
    Buy the Saunders Comprehensive book, and follow Suzanne's Plan. Its free. Look at the stickie notes on the home page.
  6. by   nursekittycat
    hi... i can share some review materials with you... where are you at?
  7. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from SunshineBSN
    Buy the Saunders Comprehensive book, and follow Suzanne's Plan. Its free. Look at the stickie notes on the home page.
    Suzanne's plan is no longer available

    I would suggest practising many questions and not to over do it. Read the question properly and make sure you understand what is being asked. Read the rationale
  8. by   sheune15
    is it possible to overdo the questions?and how many is overdoing it exactly?i thought practising questions (as many as possible,around 5-6000) was one of the most important aspects of preparing for the nclex.
  9. by   Silverdragon102
    Yes it is possible to over do it with questions. I would suggest do 100-200 a day and no more. You need to give your brain chance to assimilate what it is learning and doing several hours a day (over 3 hours) can overload the brain and it stops leaning. You can still aim for 3000 questions the importance is making sure you understand content and what the question is asking.
  10. by   sheune15
    i see your point and i agree totally,100-200 a day sounds just about right.
    i better get back to my studying cos i m retaking the exam mid next month.
    take it easy
  11. by   McGwillis
    These questions with rationales may help you!


    You must use only the exact link -- so if you bookmark it you need to copy this link location for that because once you get to the site the address bar shows a different address. I wish you the best of luck! I know how it is to be poor and need to study so you can get a job and start being able to pay bills!
  12. by   Korleone
    practice a lot of questions, start with saunders and if you are getting at least 75, then proceed to kaplan questions, it's more close to nclex q. i found this website where you can download free softwares and free bullets nclex questions, you can also put your review materials and share it to others, make sure to register to be able to input your review materials. nurseslibrary.com i think.
  13. by   25seaturtles
    Im in Cali. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks for reviewing my msg.
  14. by   starzburst
    25seaturtles, I may have something to help you but I can't send PMs yet. I've allowed emails on my profile so if that works, email me