How I prepared for NCLEX, Passed in 75 Questions.


    First I want to start off by saying how relieved I am that I never have to take the NCLEX again. And a little about my background I went to an accelerated college, (don't really recommend) nursing is way too hard to cram in 18 months honestly. But regardless I pushed thru and got my ASN! I graduated December 15th 2017 and received my sit pass around January 8th and I bought UWORLD January 9th.

    Now, a little about UWORLD. I've heard many great things from nurses that I've shadowed during clinicals mention UWORLD, some have said Kaplan but let's be real I'm a broke nursing student and do not have $300-400 for Kaplan so I took my chance and bought UWORLD $139 for 60 days and 1 Predictor test and I was fortunate enough my school had purchased us HURST and I completed the book and all the video content.
    So my life starting January 9th until February 19th was Eat, Sleep, Study, Repeat. Mind you I do have a full-time job so if I wasn't working I was either sleeping or studying. I studied every day for at least 3 hours doing 75-100 questions a day and would watch at least 2 videos of HURST to refresh my mind on content. But let me tell you the rationales on UWORLD are AMAZING. I felt like I have learned things on there that I never learned in school or maybe forgot.
    I'm also a flashcard freak so I made flashcards on everything that I wasn't too sure about and studied that. I actually ended up completing all 2,024 questions and had only gotten 769 incorrect I was truly amazed but not convinced, so finally I took my predictor test and I was ranked in the 98th percentile and I had a VERY HIGH chance of passing. I was happy, but still nervous.

    Now, I tested on the 20th of February and did not study ANYTHING the day before because if I didn't know it by now I wasn't going to know it. Testing day came I had a healthy breakfast and headed to my testing site, the process was super smooth and once I sat in my chair and finished the tutorial I thought "wow this is it". Remember that you can fail at 75 or you can pass at 75 and that 15 questions are thrown out but you don't know which ones so treat every question like it's your last.

    Comparing UWORLD & NCLEX:
    Now, I have to admit I did not think NCLEX was easier than UWORLD I truly thought they were the same style and level of questions, the colors they use are even the same. I did see a lot of content that I studied from UWORLD on NCLEX and I was actually very surprised. I did not get any math (thank God because I am awful) no hotspot and no drag and drop. This is why I thought I failed because it was too easy, I did get around 20 SATA, a few peds, a few maternity, priority and a lot of therapeutic communication. All I remember was being at question number 75 and telling myself this could be your last question so you have to answer it right. I answered my question then clicked next and my test was over. I was panicking, I raced home and did the PEARSON TRICK, and got the "Good Pop Up" and I tried it ALL day until 24hours I saw that I had a license number on MQA!!!

    The biggest advice I can give anyone is buy an NCLEX prep, you need to study seeing NCLEX style questions and truly understand what they're asking for and how to choose the BEST answer.
    And lastly, always ABC, Safety and go with your gut don't change your answer unless you're 100% sure that's not it. Don't think this is too easy I must be failing, maybe you just really know you stuff! But good luck, and I hope this helped

    Claudia Coy, RN
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  3. by   bookchick
    Great job! I just got Uworld, I graduate in May. I am such a nervous test taker, I always get worked up before my Hesi's each semester. I end up doing well, but anxiety is real... lol! Thanks for the tips!
  4. by   youlovenurseclaudia
    I got to admit HESI's are SOOOOO much harder than NCLEX. I promise! On NCLEX you can always narrow it down to two!!!
  5. by   patel.abhipsha
    hey my name is abby giving my nclex after 3 years, don't now where to start but came across your profile and you have good advice. was wondering if you still have hurst review available. i know its not right to ask like this but i am tied up financially. if you could help. thank you!
  6. by   youlovenurseclaudia
    Hey Abby. I do not have hurst anymore but I can email you some mark klemick audio and print outs. What is your email?
  7. by   patel.abhipsha
    oh thank you so much. its
  8. by   SOON2RN
    yea my uworld assessment test put me at 81 and 84
    i think im going to reschedule my date. its in 2 weeks
  9. by   futrern02
    Hi, I'm testing in about a month, do you mind sending me the mark kilmek audio please? I'm in arizona and there's no way for me to fly over to the east coast to attend his lectures because I can't afford it. My email address is Thanks.
  10. by   Cicelyn76
    Hi if possible may I have the study material as well! I am still awaiting my ATT to test! I am nervous as well! Thank you so much. Truly appreciate it!
  11. by   andythenurse
    Hi, if possible, I'd love the study materials as well. My email address is I graduate soon, and will be taking my NCLEX in a couple months! Congratulations by the way!
  12. by   Cooper435
    When you did your 75 to 100 questions a day, did you also do the rationales the same day?
  13. by   Shynetrajackson
    Hello, I'm preparing for my exam as well can I have the materials too please!
  14. by   SobreRN
    Congrats! I just took it ASAP after graduation with no study. I surmised I wanted that two years of RN program fresh in my mind.

    I am glad the study worded for you but have seen many for whom the information gets more vague with time and confidence wanes.