How I passed NCLEX!

  1. Hey everyone, I'm new to this site, and I just recently passed my NCLEX. I wanted to share with you what I did to prepare for this test just in case there is anyone out there struggling with this. I was not a Straight-A, "smart" student in Nursing School by any means. So I worked really hard to get to where I want to be. Nursing is a second career for me and had been my passion since high school. Anyway this is how I studied:

    I spent a total of 4 weeks preparing for the NCLEX.

    1. HURST. I did the online review. This review helped me so much! I struggled with content in school and HURST really nailed it for me. I focused on the lectures the first week. Then I made note cards out of the Hurst Book.
    2. Saunders- I used this book mainly in Nursing School to help me prepare for the exams. So when I studied for NCLEX, I just did the Comprehensive Test in the back of the book a few days before the big test. I had the old purple one, by the way.
    3. Kaplan- I used the small skinny Kaplan books you find at the library. I took the practice tests that were in them to see what areas I needed to focus on. Remember to focus on your weak areas!
    4. NCLEX Mastery App- I also used this a lot in Nursing School to study for HESI's. We had to take them every semester. While studying for NCLEX, I just did about 50 questions every night before bed and focused on the rationales.
    5. I used the study guide that I found on this site. I did not read through every single page into detail, but I did make note of the mnemonics and tricks that were outlined in it. It helped!

    So, to break it down, Week 1 I did the Hurst Review and did note cards. Week 2 and 3, I did questions every day and spent a few hours each day reviewing my note cards and really thinking about the pathophysiology and the whys. Week 4, I reviewed my note cards that I made from Hurst (the areas I struggled with) and did 1 of the Hurst Simulator tests each day. There were 4 tests. I scored a 74, 75, 80, and 87 on them. The day before, I DID NOT study. I took it easy. I watched movies and relaxed. On the NCLEX, I had 90 questions before it shut off. I truly believe the Hurst Review and doing around 125-200 questions every day helped me on this test. I hope this helps some of you and feel free to message me for questions.
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