How did you Study Saunders for NCLEX-RN?

  1. Okay, I have taken the PN nclex, and honestly it was easy, between all of the SATA questions, which I guess I did well on because I passed with 75 questions. Now, I am awaiting my ATT to take the RN Nclex, and I just can't focus. For the PN, I did the Hurst online,a little of LaCharity, and Kaplan strategies mostly, with some internet stuff sprinkled on; I studied very loosely.

    Now, I still feel like I don't have a really good grip on my content. Honestly I'm a good test taker, so I could probably pass if I took it today, but I would not feel comfortable going to work at all. So I need my content.

    I think Saunders along with Hurst again, would be perfect, but I get distracted so easily. And just looking at that huge book, completely makes me turn away. Don't get me wrong, I love to read, for fun; but this is not fun. And, yes being an RN for me is a dream which will be fun, and I know I need the content to really get there no matter how well I perform on tests.

    I did the pre-assessment and got 72%. I did the best (in order) in Pharm (seriously?, don't know how that happened), Fundamentals, MedSurg, and Psych. I took a look at the 6 week calendar it gave me, which I know I won't use, which is why I am here.

    So anyway, for anyone who is somewhat like me, how did you actually get through reading the entire Saunders book, without going to sleep and forgetting what you read?

    Help please....
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  3. by   shmaylay
    I used the 4th edition of Saunders for the first 2 weeks of September. I would always fall asleep while reading that book. It's so overwhelming. After finishing about 75% of it, I realized that I just read it for fun, I didn't retain all the info like I wanted to. I got worried, as I felt like I was still weak on my content. So, I purchased the Hurst review. I watched all the videos and reviewed the notes and the 5th day materials for the last 2 weeks of September. This month, I'm going over Saunders again. I must say.. It's so much fun and easier to study it now.
  4. by   sunkissedmspriss
    just passed my nclex with 75 questions. i studied for about a month straight for several hours a day. i took the online kaplan course (which was really helpful, i found the nclex to be most like the kaplan questions, kaplan was harder than nclex), saunders 5th ed. (which the questions were way too easy, nclex was harder), la charity, and exam cram book. good luck to you
  5. by   kinsella
    Used the Saunders 4th edition, read it for about 3 months cover to cover, a slow reader eh. I passed!
  6. by   fashionistaRN
    I did the Hurst (live) Review so I would use Saunders adjunctly with Hurst. Whatever I didn't understand or wanted more thorough explaination of say subject. Studying like that worked well for me.

    Good luck!
  7. by   GGT1
    I took all the quizzes in to book 1st. Then if I got 75% or less on the quiz I read that section and re-took the test. If I got 75% or better I did not bother going through that section. I passed 1st try with 75 questions.
  8. by   FinallyLPN,RN
    I just took it the other day and passed with 75 questions! I mainly used Saunders 5th ed. to study with. At first I started reading it cover to cover, then I realized that I wasn't retaining anything. So I just ended up just doing the quizzes at the end of the chapters. I made sure I went through every question and understood the rationales. If there were questions I wasn't familiar with, I went back into the chapter and made sure I read the section on it. I also made short notes on areas I was weak in. After I was done with the book I did some questions on the CD. Hope this helps & good luck!!!!