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  1. Has anyone here passed the nclex rn exam without getting a hot spot Question? I just want to get the scope of what people are saying that a hot spot question is in a "difficult"category and you have to get atleast 1 hot spot question to pass the nclex, is that true? Thanks!!
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  3. by   Rose_Queen
    Questions of all types are written both above and below passing standard. Whether you get a certain number or type of question is irrelevant. What matters is that enough questions written above passing standard were answered to demonstrate either minimum can mpetency to practice as a novel ce nurse or lack of minimum competency. Basically, it is entirely possible that you will indeed find you passed even without a hot spot question.
  4. by   ElectricCabbage
    I passed the NCLEX with 75 questions, and the only questions I got were SATA and MC (I'd 40+ SATA).

    As the PP said, however, there are all types of questions both above and below the passing standard. The best way that it was described to me prior to writing the NCLEX-RN was to picture a line written on a blank sheet of graph paper. The line is 'passing'. Every time you get a question wrong, you move down one box on the graph. Every time you get a question right, you move up a box on the graph. The higher above 'passing' you get, the harder the questions will be, and vice versa. The test formulates itself so that it predicts you have a 50% chance of correctly answering each question it asks you.

    Hope that helps!
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  6. by   Yogsdaleo,RN
    Not true. I know plenty of people who didnt get any alternative questions except the SATA. No calculations, drag and drop, ekg, nothing.