holiday and quick results

  1. I took nclex this past thursday. So it'll be 48 hours later, will I be able to check quick results even though its a holiday? Has anyone else gone through the same thing?
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  3. by   lilruRN09
    Thats the same thing i was wondering, took mine friday morning..... wait till monday or tuesday? they probably are closed for 4th of july so best bet would be to add a day.
  4. by   FNPdude74
    i took mine friday july 3rd. Would that pearson vue trick work?
  5. by   flawsnall
    It should work. I tried yesterday for the first time. Try it and see.
  6. by   lilruRN09
    Any July 3rd testers seen there name on BON or accessed their results?!? or tried pearson trick thing? .......... Im sooo scared!!!!
  7. by   FNPdude74
    Hey you can actually see if your name is on the BON? State or national?
  8. by   nolongeributhe09
    I took Thursday and I checked this morning. The quick result is ready there. It is automatically operated by computer no matter holiday or not, but I am not sure for BON. I will check BON next week.
  9. by   KIMYNURSE2B
    I took it thursday and I passed quick results rule
  10. by   caliotter3
    As said previously, the results are computer generated, so they would be available, holiday or not. Good luck to everyone waiting on results.
  11. by   FNPdude74
    It's good to hear they're computer generated so we'll get something... Holiday or not
  12. by   hopefullywaitn
    ok lol i am really frustrated....i took the nclex monday the 6th of july, still no quick results and its been right at 72 hours....they said my accounts on hold....anyone have any advice?