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  1. Hi! M new to this site. Who can help me? I intend to take the NCLEX in HongKong and i'm trying to be familiar with the place. Anyway, would anybody know the name of the hotel where the NCLEX exam is going to be held?
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  3. by   rags
    Wow! In Hong Kong. I don't know anything about since I was born and raised in the states and don't even make it east of the Mississippi very often. But... I just want to wish you luck on the NCLEX!

  4. by   bebe13
    Grand Millenium Plaza.. You can check out the website www.pearsonvue.com for the exact location of the testing site in Hongkong, and even their other sites.
  5. by   Leilah75_RN
    awww! after the test when u already feel tired and exhausted and anxious, just roam around hongkong and shop and go to disneyland HK!!! hehehhe thats my anxiety remedy:P

    anyways, goodluck with yer test.
  6. by   Pipkins31
    Hello I'm a Registered Nurse In the UK and am just about a year qualified. I want to work in the states and need to apply for my NCLEX exam. In the UK we do not have peadeatric clinical time it's not part of the syllabus,and i'm worried that this will stop me from getting approval to sit the exam as i've heard that they require at least 60 hours clinical time in this field. Is this true? Can anyone help??
    Philip x