1. I am doing Kaplan now. I like their test strategies.

    Helen Feuer is great in content, and right now I am listening to the CD's

    I like the HESI hints. So I am reading those right now. Just the HINTS because I feel that it is too much.

    So my main studying is the Kaplan course book. THe HESI is just to add "important" hints. It has "know these common lab levels... it's important to look for this in this disease..."

    but how effective is it for passing the NCLEX?

    does anyone recomend that book or should I just do kaplan and forget everything else?
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  3. by   labrador4122
    no one responded to this thread.

    but. I will answer my own question. (I am so silly! )

    It was effective! I passed 75Q first time!!
  4. by   Mytonezucs
    If a tree passes NCLEX in the forest does it.......

    Ahh forget it.....Congrats!

    Thought I would be silly too.
  5. by   labrador4122
    I was at work and it was a slowwwwwwwwwwwww night last night.

    so I was being silly. there are people studying for the CPN (certified pediatric nurse) exam. so we were doing tons of peds questions.

    and when I was getting them right. they said to me "hey you can tell she is a fresh new grad"