Here's a website for NCLEX practice

  1. You have to register first, and there are not that many questions, but it's still free.

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  3. by   kitnaw
    I just registered in this website, I will see how it works for me. Good thing about's FREE. I still got 3 more weeks to prepare.

    Thanks RNin2007 for the info. Did you use this site already?
  4. by   YAJRN
    gosh! this is like a game!

    umpiron: it strengthens feeble minded examinees.... like me! ouch! :smiletea:
    way to go, I'm still at the beginning of the review on line. Nice questions in the web site. But their forums are not that good. thumbs down!

    Try this guys!

    :smilecoffeecup: You have to answer the 1 question in 60 sec or else. Then the rationales are posted after answering.

    Nice post dude!

    :chuckle :chuckle :chuckle
  5. by   Leilah75_RN
    nice game nclex review:P thanks...
  6. by   Life is in Mess
    Is there anything for LVN review too on this website. I am loooking for LVN review any ideas
  7. by   RNin2007
    Yeah, i've used I said, you'll run out of Qs fast on there. My professors say you need about 3500 or so practice Qs before you test. I have a program that I bought which was originally a freebie link on this website that has 3500+ questions that I found it on ebay (unfortunately the seller is gone) and it was WAY worth the $10 I paid for it!

    Never tried the forums...