Help! Which Books are good for NCLEX?

  1. I'm planning to take NCLEX within the next month or so. Does anyone have a plan on how to get started. I'm doing this bymyself and dont know how to start... Can someone help... please...
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  3. by   oguesswhat
    On these websites you will mostly hear about Saunders and Kaplan. Saunders is what I am using. I do no more than 100 a day. Answer the questions then read the rationale weather or not you got it right or wrong. Kaplan costs a lot of money. There is also a Linda LaCharity book about Prioritization that people like but I do not have it yet. I might get it.
  4. by   caliotter3
    Go to a bookstore and look at the various review books to find one that seems to suit you. You can go with the Saunders Comprehensive Review, if you like. Many people are successful with it. The Linda LaCharity book on Prioritization is good for that type of question. Also, there is a Kaplan book that can help with testing strategy. You should stick with one major review book to prevent getting scattered or confused. Do as many questions as possible and study the rationales. Relax the day before your test and you should be ok. Good luck.
  5. by   beachbutterfly
    Saunders fourth edition CD
    Nclex 3500 CD
    Exam cram Cd (it has like 1200 questions)
    Kaplan CD (not the book)
    Meds-pubs questions (you can get free online access)

    The books:
    Pharmacology Success
    Med-Surg success
    La Charity book.
    Saunders 4th edition.