HELP! What did was your study plan and resources to study for the HESI and NCLEX-PN?

  1. hi everyone!

    i am trying to create a study plan to study for my hesi and nclex-pn. i have the following books/cds:

    comprehensive review for nclex-pn : reviews & rationales / mary ann hogan

    saunders q&a review for nclex-pn examination / linda anne silvestri
    lippincott's review for nclex-pn
    nclex-pn review book from hurst
    nclex-pn questions & answers made incredibly easy! : 3,000 questions!
    saunders comprehensive review for nclex-pn (should i purchase the 3rd edition)

    and contemplating whether to get kaplan qbank and hurst online review.

    thank in advance!!!!
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Many people say that one should stick with one or maybe two resources to keep from getting confused. My school didn't use HESI. My current plan is to use Saunders Comprehensive Review. It seems to cover all the bases. I also intend to get the Priorities book by Linda LaCharity. Good luck with your test.
  4. by   Sensoria17
    I followed Suzanne's first tip for HESI (uses Saunder's). I completed that in 3 weeks. After that I used the Nursing Made Incredibly Easy Q&A for about a week. I passed with a score of 936. I just took the NCLEX today so I can't comment on whether these tools helped for that just yet.
  5. by   Misteryosa
    i just focus on saunder cd and read the techniques in kaplan(purple). I just passed nclexpn exam with minimum question (85) first take. good luck with your test.