Help!! PN 2018

  1. Hello, I take my Nclex PN for the 2nd time in 10 days. What is some good advice? I feel so nervous, because I didn't pass the 1st time. I did great in school & clinical but for some reason I bombed my NCLEX. Please give me any advice that you have. I have NO MONEY to buy any new material. I'm a single mom so there isn't much I can afford until I can work more. Positive vibes only please. Thank you everyone!
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    With the material you have practice answering questions and read the rationale and see if you can find keywords
  4. by   dikh67
    What is your study materials?
  5. by   NurseLife89
    I have Exam Cram & I've been making note cards with things I find online. Or just the material I still have from school.
  6. by   NurseLife89
    Thank you!
  7. by   Live2Heal
    I took my NCLEX PN on June 26th 2018. I think the Mark Klimek's audios helped me look at the information in a different way. So I would say that they helped me. I also did Hurst review. I passed with 85 questions. Good luck
  8. by   NurseLife89
    Thank you!
  9. by   PNCC2001
    There are a ton of great nursing apps for NCLEX prep.
  10. by   Elissa.
    I just took my nclex pn today. I did use a study guide someone posted that's 35 pages and it really helped me. I printed it out and made notes and studied it everyday. Have you seen it? Another user posted it
  11. by   NurseLife89
    No. I have not. Congrats!