Help, of course with the Nclex

  1. Ok, so I have taken the NCLEX a number of times. I have always been in a rough spot and stressed myself out about it, to the point of not sleeping at all.

    My Question for all the people out there is: What book should I use to study for the Nclex in Texas?? I know its the same everywhere, but does anyone that has taken the test in Texas suggest any????

    About to give up all together! But I am going to try one more time.

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  3. by   Ella26
    I am not in Texas, but just wondering what you have used before? And what did your candidate report say when you failed before? I would say focus on the areas you were very weak in and focus on content.
  4. by   begosh
    Go to a bookstore and look through the various NCLEX RN books. Find one that best fit your method of learning.

    I spent sooooo much money on multiple books----Saunders, Exam Cram, Hurst, NCLEX Made Easy, etc, etc and a whole lot more. It wasn't until I found MaryAnn Hogan and this was the book that got me focused and disciplined on studying for the NCLEX RN.

    Don't give up. I graduated 19 years ago (never worked in the nursing or medical field) and took the NCLEX RN in 2011 and failed. Then took it again Dec 2012 (studied for a solid 4 1/2 months) and passed with 88 questions.

    YOU CAN DO IT! Good luck!
  5. by   Lela89
    Hey there!
    I got the book but I can't access online questions.
    How does it work?