Help!! nclex problems!!

  1. Hi I think that I have read that the passing level questions are those that require critical application and analysis. Well I seem to have a problem with the non passing questions!! Sounds crazy!!!!Well that is how it seems to be...I am an experianced RN from the UK trying to pass NCLEX. the comprehension and knowledge ones leave me a bit cold as it has been years since I did all that patho physiology and I am very rusty.Whne I take the tests on KAPLAN I keep doing very poorly on the non passing and well on the passing ones. It sounds daft but if i get an easy one wrong lets say at the beginning..where is it going to leave me as I wont get the chance to show that I am really an excellent nurse who has been practising as a senoir nurse in an Emergency Room for many years...any ideas?
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    The NCLEX is designed for a new grad, as an experienced UK nurse that took 3 attempts before passing I would say forget everything you know and think as a new grad. I tried many books and actually found Saunders comprehensive to be the best.
  4. by   caliotter3
    When you are doing questions, time yourself with a stopwatch/alarm and give yourself a short time to answer. This might help you keep from reading too much into the questions and thinking around all of your experience. A new grad won't have all that experience to think about.
  5. by   Marie82D
    Hi Focuszx5

    I share ur problem, I'm a nurse from germany and I've my problems too with the knowledg and comprehension questions and I do too good on the analysis and application questions.

    What I did, I reviewed everything what I didn't had a clue of, just to call back some knowledge and symptoms etc.

    The thing is the passing level questions asking how u work on the patcients bedside and not what symptoms a MI has, so what u should do is, try not to let ur experience get in your way, it is helpful but u know yourself certain situations u handle different in real situations, I know its hard but try to handle the situation like they say it in the book.

    Im affraid too that I get the first questions wrong which might not be passing level and than fail the test.

    How did u prepare yourself for Pharma? That is killing me