HELP!!! failed in my 3rd try of my NCLEX RN

  1. I took my NCLEX last December 7 and I found out I failed for the third time. though im confident to take it cos i studied alot. I reviewed fulltime everytime I will take my NCLEx but the last try was really upset me the most. I used Kaplan Online access and NCBSN review course. I studied two months. I have almost all he review materials, and did used it. I had Saunders Comprehensive Review, Saunders Q&A, Prioritization by La Charity. I did the NCBSN twice. I understand the concept and how the nCLEX works but I cant understand why I still got failed. I answered 265 questions for 4 hrs. Now I passed again my application for retake and started studying again and my mind was relaxed already. I dunno what other material i can have. Im thinking of ATI but many says its not worth it.. And Im planning to buy Exam Cram. I really wanna pass this exam thats why i still pursuing to study. i dunno whats wrong with me. I prayed alot and studied alot. pls help me Im begging to Lord to help me. Ive done the grieving process and now Im hoping for my 4th try to be different. How can it be possible? Pls help me
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    How did you study before? Suggest looking at alternatives. Did you read the rationales to the questions? usually they will give you hints on what keywords to look for
  4. by   majongerz05
    yes I read the rationales. At my first try Im not confident cos I dont know the NCLEX questions looked like. I attented live review course and they are more in facts. I dont practice answering much questions. So I admit my failure but atleast I told myself what NCLEX questions are. Second try in the other hand I prefer to self review and answer 200-300 questions a day. I used Saunders materials and La Charity. That moment Im somehow know how to answer questions especially the prioritization and likes. I used also NCBSN review course. AND nowused Kaplan and NCBSN review course. I read all rationales right after eeach questions. In my Kaplan I can get 70 %- 80% and NCBSN review was much easier and got 90% more or less. So I go to Pearosn Vue at 7 am for my appointment of my 8 am. Im so nervous and at the same time excited to finish my exam. I know how to answer questions. Im just an average person but Im confident to take the exam but suddenly after few hours I found out I failed. I dont know what else alternatives could help me. Can u sggest ant? thanks alot
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    My suggestion would be spend a couple of hours a day doing questions and don't read rationales until the end ie do 20 questions and then mark them and read rationales. If you find you are getting low in a subject then read up on that subject and then try the questions again
  6. by   majongerz05
    ive done that too. i answer all questions first then when imdone with my number of items thats the time i will read each rationale to each question. any review material can help me more? but Kaplan was Awesome!!! but im not fortunate and it made me weak
  7. by   Marium modh
    hey Im also preparing for RN ..failed 2 times...don't know where m i making mistake?????really need guidance...please suggest me for study guide and which book i should use??And i want to do practice test but don't know how to and which i should get for the practice testPlease help me for my study really scared of this exam ..not able to study and pass the exam
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  8. by   majongerz05
    same here/. i know i study better for my last exam but i dont know whats wrong with me. this was my 3rd time and my state which is vermont state just allow me to take it 5 times or else no more.. i need ur help sooo bad.. i keep praying and [praying to help me.. ive odne all i know that can help me, in review materials, study hours, etcccc ....
  9. by   havana18
    Hi, I took yesterday my exam for 3rd time and I found that I failed. I am very frustrated because I study hard and I I don't know what's wrong with me I did kaplan, saunders, ncsbn. Now< I am very confused because they say that if you want to take the exam for 4th time you have to take a review course, but I am really lost with this information, someone knows something about that? Also, I didn't know that the times we have for taking the test is limited; I thought you can take it as many times as you want. I live in miami-Florida and never I heard how many times you can take it. I feel very frustated and sad; I have 2 kids and I have to pass it, I don't know how, but I have to pass it. We can do it guys!!!!! God bless you all
  10. by   Yownyown

    I am sorry to hear that. I do understand where you are coming from and what you are going through right now as I failed also NCLEX and you know what I took also my first attempt Dec.7 and i failed it.

    And on my second attempt, i passed it. I want to share my NCLEX story (first and second attempt)and i hope it could help, here is the link of the thread that i made Thank you Lord that I failed my first nclex.

    Do not ever give up on your dreams and I believe that you can pass this exam. May GODbless you!
  11. by   Miiki
    Is English your first language? I'm not trying to be mean or anything. It's possible that a language barrier is the problem rather than nursing knowledge. It can be hard to correctly answer a question if you don't fully comprehend what the question is asking.
  12. by   shergillnav
    i feel very bad about you all.. but as you said you finished your 265 q in 4 hours right? you had 2 hours more. i think you should never rush and hurry in exam. whenever you sit in the exam have one thing in mind that say that to yourself that i am going to sit this exam last time and doest matter if it will take fully 6 hours, i did only 75 q in 1 hr 45 mint.... even suppose your single- single question as last chance ...and assume that if you give best to this question you can pass.yes yes..then go to next..then use same thing..then go thisa way do 1-75 or 1-265 question. do your best.... and make important notes and read then again and again. and do thousanda of question..but make sure...single single question is importanat, read rational deeply................. and never select option so quickly in excitement to know the next question............concentrate on q which you have at one time.........i tried my best to explain..i dont know whether m success or not.............. thx.........QUESTION WANT ATTENTION,IF YOU GIVE , THEN QUESTION WILL GIVE YOU RN LICENSE...IF YOU DONT THEN Q WILL BE.................thx
  13. by   jabarie90
    Hey i pass on my third chance Feuer review helped me i recommend it. I left from 1 above passing and 7 below passing Standard to PASSED. It is clear that you where doing somethings right but also some wrong try again and try to remain focus get rid of the nervousness. Yo can do it ok dont give up.