1. I took my Nclex-PN today and boy am I a nervous wreck. Ive always been good at taking tests, but I really feel like I failed. I didnt know ANY of the questions. I didnt get any math or anything. They were mostly priority questions. I got 105 questions, and I keep reading that if you get a low amount you either did really good or really bad. I know I couldnt of done really good. In the past Ive been good at these questions, but they were much different today. I keep checking the NCLEX website, it says delivery successful, but results arent available at this time. I know it takes 2 days, but c'mon, I cant wait that long!! Anyone have any advice??
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  3. by   gt4everpn
    Breathe, I know, its sooooooooo, unnerving. I took my pn in Sept and I only really knew about half of the drugs, the others I guessed, and the ques in general were tricky, and priority in nature, I thought there was a good possibility that I failed, but I didn't so my advice, don't jump to conclusions, take this time to relax, as hard as it is and once more - Breathe, wishing you best of luck!
  4. by   vapnstudent
    Peace I Feel The Exact Same Way Took Mine Today Too And Never Seen Any Of The Meds I Got I Had To Guess At Most Of The 85 Qestions I Had. It Does Help To Vent Your Feeling To People Who Actually Know What Your Going Thru Though, And Now We Wait .....
  5. by   NursePeace
    I appreciate both comments, its actually calmed me down. But now, Im remembering alot of the questions and doing alot of researching. I dont think I did as bad as I thought, but I still feel like I failed. This is by far the most nerve wrecking thing Ive been through....and Im a mother!!!
  6. by   Leilah75_RN
    we all can relate to this waiting game.i am a mom too..if you can, refrain from looking or peeping on any nursing books for now. go out and have fun.... i too is waiting for the result and i occassionally check bon site, read more from this forum to divert the long wait of nclex result....and i eat donuts to fill me up lol....
  7. by   NursePeace
    OMG.....still waiting. Its a beautiful day in Cincinnati sooooo hopefully I can stay occupied
  8. by   HAPPY45
    i took nclex-pn onn 3/29 in cali and am still waiting, i understand what you are going thru. keep youself busy i know you did ok