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Hi everyone. Im in absolute agony here! I retook the nclex today. It is my second attempt. I got 120 questions and feel terrible about it. Is there anyone who can give me any words of encouragement... Read More

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    The tough part about the test is that you are bound to miss a good number of questions. If the test was like the "standard" college exam, that would equate to failure. But the way this test works, those sorts of equations don't enter into the picture. Its enough to drive anybody nuts.
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    I love it when people can come back after worrying and say "I passed!" - good for you! And to all those people who are so willing to offer that they didn't pass on first tries, but eventually did- I think you are all just terrific for sharing your stories, here & in other threads. There are some really kind & tremendously helpful nurses/students posting on this forum!! (which is why I just decided to pay for 'premium membership' and help to support the site...)
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