1. hello.I'm a new user here.please to meet you all...i need some help,cause i took the nclex in january unfortunately i didn't passed that was my first time to take the test but i didn't passed i reviewed at kaplan and yet still i didn't make it..i'm hopeless.pls help me,,thanks
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  3. by   crzylinn
    hi...otan11...sorry 2 hr dat...just kep on trying...i know someone who took the test 9 times and now she's US RN ...just want to asked when did u took the test..because it seems u got ur result soon...cz i dnt have my results yet...still waiting...thanxs
  4. by   jayann
    hello otan11,
    don't be toooo discourage, maybe this time isnt really for you. just take it again. it won't make you less of a person if you didn't make it...which nursing board you took and what date? it seems you got your result early. i took last jan. 7 and yet result is still not available...Good luck again to you
  5. by   dijaqrn
    Ho otan...
    Send a message to Suzanne4 today and follow her plan. You need Saunders 3rd edition and the CD I believe. See the stickys on this forum for more info and then do exactly what she says. She helps alot of people pass, it's a tricky test and you'll pass next time!