Has Anyone Failed Nclex With 75 Questions??? - page 2

Hi Everyone! It seems like everyone is convinced that the number of questions you answer in your NCLEX is irrelevant. I have seen many postings that states they failed with 365 questions and passed... Read More

  1. by   shoe_girl
    did all of you who didn't pass try the pearson vue trick and did it take you to the CC page?
  2. by   ndaewg
    I failed in October, with 75 questions. The Pearson Trick was correct...brought me to the CC screen.

    I finally retested this morning. It gave me the good pop up. I wish I knew how many questions I had. When I looked, I was at 105 and I believe I had a few after that and then it shut off, so maybe 110. Not sure. But I am praying the trick is right this time around!!!!!!!
  3. by   caliotter3
    Good luck ndaewg.
  4. by   iPhoneuser
    I'm sure you passed!
    My question how do you prepare for the second test?
  5. by   Opalyn1017
    please help me decide. do i retake my nclex before April 1, 2010? they said the passing rate will increase by then/
  6. by   iPhoneuser
    What do you mean the passing rate will increase by than?
  7. by   Silverdragon102
    There are some changes from April to the NCLEX RN where the pass mark has increased slightly

  8. by   kurnstudent
    I am months behind on this post, but with it being the end of the semester I am sure others will begin asking the same thing. I have taken the NCLEX and feel like crap. Hoping this is a good sign, meaning I had a higher frequency of difficult questions. I took it in 75 questions.