guys! i failed! a LITTLE help pls!!!

  1. i just accepted my letter telling me i failed! GOD! it's the worst thing ever!! all my friends here at allnurses passed besides me.... why did this happened? i reviewed all the best material out there. I finished the thick book saunders, kaplan and even the NCSBN on-line... but still... the result is unforgivable.. my daughter will be born soon, but her father is a failure.. my FRIENDS, what will i do? i feel sooooo miserable right now....

    .....and to all who are still waiting, GOOD LUCK to all of you! i don't want you guys to feel the burden im feeling right now.

    May GOD bless us all!
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  3. by   nub4sh
    Godzhand - Im sorry to hear that man. I know there is a reason for that. All you can do now is to accept whatever God gave us because He has plans for everyone. Maybe he has a reason for it. Just keep strong and be positive. Your baby is coming isnt that a gift? Im sure you'll do fine.
  4. by   je_da

    im sorry about the result. it must be really hard for you.
    take time to pray and be strong. especially that your baby is coming...
    god has plans for you... trust in him and your heart will be healed...

    god bless you... take the time out... when you're ready, make a good plan and follow it and then retest again. ok. you can pass through this...
  5. by   rebmem
    Godzhand RN: Sorry to hear about your unfavorable result. Let me speak to you from experience.....I didn't pass my first NCLEX exam, although I studied really hard, 8-10 hours for 2 months. What went wrong with me was the extra baggage I was carrying, meaning I had emotional instability at the time I took the test. I had a really good chance of passing. What I am getting into is that sometimes things don't happen the way we want it to because we are not focused into only one thing. It is hard to accept not passing, but let me tell you, things do happen for a reason. You have a child coming soon, and she is a big priority for you right now. Take a break and when things come into places, you can hit the books again. And last but not the least, don't lose hope, you can do it next time.
  6. by   Godzhand RN
    thank you guys! allnurses is really a good support group especially to the people that has failed. may GOD bless us all. thanks for lifting me higher guys!
  7. by   RNroseshea
    First off, you are not a failure, this is just a road block that you are experiencing. Do not give up because God's time may be different than our time. The light is at the end of the tunnel and soon you will see it. Maybe, there are different approaches to be taken next time around that were not taken before. I know the feeling of failure as I too failed the first time but passed the second too can pass so don't give up. Give yourself time to think things over and recoop mentally.
    God hears all prayers!:spin:
  8. by   Godzhand RN
    thanks guys!!!
  9. by   Silverdragon102
    Sorry to hear Godzhand, Take a break before you pick any books up. Check out Suzanne's plan and Don't give up
  10. by   pisceanbabe74
    Quote from godzhand rn
    thanks guys!!!
    don't give up godzhand, come what may, sooner or later you'll also be an rn and you're daughter & family would be very proud of you because you would never give up on your goals in life. god bless you and we'll pray for your success!!!
  11. by   Sabby_NC
    Firstly do not beat yourself up so much.
    You failed this time but nothing is in your way to make you do this again. Set good study time each and every day and go at it!
    Have the faith you WILL succeed. Don't let negative energy zap this goal away from you.
    Fight the good fight ok and WIN.
  12. by   jc449
    I am feeling for you right now. We all know that you can pass this test. You made it through nursing school and that is a feat itself--ESPECIALLY being pregnant! When you take your next test, you will have a clear mind! I didn't know you were pregnant- I know when I was pregnant it seemed like my test taking skills . What I can say to do is just keep taking practice tests. Take some time to concentrate on your baby- this will be the most exciting thing! I remember I was pregnant and didn't get accepted into nursing school. All my friends were accepted and I wasn't. I was crushed. Now when I look back, I am glad because I had some extra time with my son that I could never have back!
  13. by   tflorn
    when i hear of stories like reminds me of how i was back in july when i did not pass my 1st try. i could not have doubted myself more. i went into a deep depression and wondered every day how i was gonna take care of my 2 children. i had studied for months. i was below passing standard in 4 areas and near passing in the other 4 areas according to my performance sheet. i logged on here every day until i decided to take advantage ot suzannes plan.
    on nov 6, i retested and passed in 78 questions. i felt so good about my test til i just knew it just could not be true. i stuck strictly to suzannes plan. now i am not saying it was a breeze cause you do have to think about each answer. needless to say, suzannes plan got me thru that test. if i had not listened to myself and stuck to it....i would not have passed. you not passing that test is over and done with, lets try 1 more time and this time w/ suzannes plan and see the result you will get. i have all confidence in it cause i used it and now im a rn. and most of all, i want you to pass. were family here and let me tell you how you can tell because all the nurses on this site that have failed and then later passed still come back to this site to help motivate and support each other in any way possible. we understand how you feel and we know that we were you not to long ago. let me be the 1st to let you know that you can and will be a nurse. picture yourself a nurse and know that its possible.

  14. by   tee_byrd
    I am truly sorry that you failed your exam. I do belive that things happens for a reason and GOD has a plan for you. I can relate to how you are feeling because i failed my test a few times and felt like the world was over and i was not as smart as my friends i graduated with. But I was determined and I know you are as well. Take this time to rest and prepare for the birth of your baby then when your ready and focused, try to study again
    This time maybe was not a part of GODS plan but maybe your next exam might be. You are having a beautiful child in a few days and that is a gift from God himself. I will keep you in my prayers and I have faith that you will pass