got 52% in rediness test......

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    i just finished my kaplan classes..for nclex rn exam..i got 52 % in readiness exam....what does that i below the passing range...i got 30% in diagnostic exam...i found that diagnostic exam was lil bit easier then it a make you feel that you improve......i am at 50% in question bank...
    i failed once...its my seconfd time....does kaplan work!! much and how i should study..what shoud i study except kaplan stuff.....need some advice for medicatuion reviw..what is the best way to remember medications??..what medications i should study??...
    PLZ HELP ME!!!
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  3. by   NaomieRN
    I think you can pass with your scores, but you have to put in the work. What you can do: see what areas of need to improve on from both you test scores
    Review the contents from the online tutorial along with your workbook. Do 100-150 questions a day. Make sure you review all the rationales, right and wrong answers. Write down all the wrong answers and review contents on these areas.
    After reviewing the contents, see if your scores improve. If not, review saunders contents, which have more details, try to understand the patho for each disorder.
    Keep doing questions....take your own notes and review each day for 2 to 4 hours a day. Remember to take breaks, and take time off in between.
  4. by   Epona
    I would seriously consider waiting a bit to take the NCLEX. Kaplan says in the book that you should be getting over 60 percent on the tests. None of your scores are anywhere near the 'passing' mark. Not trying to be ugly, just being very honest. I took the NCLEX and passed a few days ago. Most of my scores were over 60 and I found the test to be very challenging. NCLEX is a tough test. Don't give up! Keep practicing and like the above poster said, find out your weak areas and work to improve upon them. Just my 2 cents, but I would not take the NCLEX unless the majority of your test scores are at least 60 percent. That is a pretty safe bet. If you follow Kaplan's guidelines, most of the people who hit in the 60's do well and pass boards. GOOD LUCK!!
  5. by   dream1987
    i know i am nt ready yet..need to study more hard....
    i hope i will get over this very soon..
    thax and good luck for all the test takers...
  6. by   RNindmaking
    Quote from dream1987
    i know i am nt ready yet..need to study more hard....
    i hope i will get over this very soon..
    thax and good luck for all the test takers...
    I think what is more important is you understand the rationale. i have friends who were scoring 40s & 50s on their q bank but still managed to pass the 1st time. I,myself,got 59 & 61% on question trainers 6 & 7 but failed. Now, I am doing more practice questions from saunders, exam cram,& kaplan question trainers. I also bought the book by La Charity. I hope these are enough to make me pass the next time. My anxiety is taller than me already!
    Goodluck to us!
  7. by   shoegalRN
    I did Kaplan and got 61% on QTrainer 6 and 50% on QTrainer 7. I also got 62% on the Readiness test and 56% on the Diagnostic test. On QBank, I had an overall of 57%, but averaged anywhere between 34%-74%. I passed NCLEX on the first try with 75 questions.

    I would say you need to do more questions and really focus on the rationales. Also, do 50 questions at a time, timed, and use unused content. I wouldnt go take NCLEX with those scores. The only reason why I got 50% on QTrainer 7 was because it was the whole entire 265 questions, and I kept putting the test on pause and doing other things, I lost focus, I was talking on the phone and watching TV while doing the test, then I got tired of doing questions, so I wasnt paying attention to my answers. When I went back and reviewed the test, I seen all my mistakes and since I got 61% on QTrainer 6, which was 200 questions and I was alot more focused, I chalked it up to it was a bad day.

    Also, if you keep scoring low on a certain area, I would really focus on that area and I used Saunders for content on areas I was weak on.
  8. by   simi001
    i m doing kaplan its too tough when i did diagnostic test i got 60% which i think ok then after studying for 4 weeks i did QT 1 i got 45% i was crying then again i did QT 2,3,4,5 i got 61% ,54%, 54%, 59% now i m confused what to do i m scoring very less but i m studying all rationals i dont know what to do how much i study should i unschedule my exam which i m planning to take in 30 july or i should continue n go for it i m confussssssssssedplz tell me
  9. by   SusanneCollins13
    Do you look content up in Saunders? I do Kaplan and my scores have been improving and the way I do it is that I do questions, read all the rationales and then I look items up that I got wrong, not just the answer. I actually open up saunders and read the entire section. If I get it wrong again, the subject that is, I will read the same subject again. Also, when you answer these questions you should be able while you are taking the test not only know the reason for the right answer, but you should be able to rationalize, before you see the answer, why the others can not be the answer. You have to train your brain and come up with rationales. Maybe, you should have a piece of paper next to you and put down questions the question, then go through the answers and place some quick notes of why you picked that answer, and why you did not pick the others. I learned a great deal from approaching the test that way.
  10. by   simi001
    thanx for replying yes i m preapring from saunders . n i also revise all four rationals that, why this one is wrong n why the one i selected is right but the idea of urs i like very much i will try the same way hope will do it. when u r planning to take NCLEX????best of luck !!!
  11. by   SusanneCollins13
    I feel ready now, but I can not take it until our grades are released which will be on the 11th of August and then of course it takes a while to get that date. I am assuming early september. Its sucks when you feel ready and you are stuck waiting lol. YOu have two more weeks to work hard at this and I would just really work hard at this. If you have kids, get them out of your sight lol. Get rid of them lol. Find someone to take care of them. If you have a husband, get him a mistress ROFL. Just kidding on that one. Just study somewhere where you can focus and get your environment set up like Nclex. Meaning quiet area, do not take breaks, not long ones that is, when you take long practice tests. Just get your mind ready and go for that run. Above all, be confident. Those scores go up an down a little and you made a 59% on that last one, just really push yourself for that next one to get a sixty for the qt6. I wish you the best of luck. If you do not feel ready then change the date for another two weeks. You are the only one in the end who knows if she feels prepared or not.
  12. by   simi001
    thank you so much !! i dont have child. but my husband is very supportive thank you GOD n pray for you too ya just i m worrying now about medications which is too much n all mixing in my mind i will do practice n lets see if i score above 60% i will take my nclex but if i get lower then that n still not preapred with meds i really unschedule my exam !!! i really appreciate you
  13. by   SusanneCollins13
    No problem, I think we all need at times direction to figure out how to approach things. I am assuming you have the Kaplan Book. I just do every day one section. For example. Antibiotics one day, next day Antianxiety etc. You will note that some meds in the same catagories have some words in them that might give you a hint of what they are used for. Pay attention to that and you may get lucky on the Nclex. I think if Meds is your only big problem dont worry about it that much. The test is not all about Meds. Good luck to you too.
  14. by   simi001
    ok!!!! thank you susanne!!!! becoz i really very weak in meds i got less marks in medication ya i have that kaplan book n also medication in the box that 300 meds so i m doing it daily but its too much to remember n side effect mixing in my mind !!!