Getting ready to sit for NCLEX-RN--pointers?

  1. I'm waiting for my ATT letter so I can test... getting a little nervous! Any pointers? I've been doing the Mosby's review CD and am actually learning things I didn't learn in school--scary or normal?!?!
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  3. by   hope3456
    I took it in June '05. I payed the $300 for the Kaplan review online and studied all the books I could get, but I'm not so sure it helped. All my nsg instructors said that the NCLEX was going to 'multiple answer' questions - so they made all their tests that way (so we got adequate practice, they said)- but I only got 1 such question. Most of the 75 questions were 'priority' based - like you choose from 4 patients, deciding which one would be the most important to assess first. Another example: You are the charge nurse - which pt would you assign to the LPN, CNA, float nurse, ect. It wasn't like anything anyone said it would be, no one prepared me for those type of questions, but I passed!! I'm not sure, but I bet that the NCLEX people change the question 'types' every couple years - without warning.

    The best advice I could give is don't get in a hurry and just really 'think' about the questions and answers. The right answer usually wasn't very obvious. Also, remember that they throw in questions that they are 'testing,' meaning they just want to know how many people will answer it correctly, but it doesn't count for you or against you.

    My personal favorite study guide was the Lippincott NCLEX review and the CD that came with it - I especially liked the practice tests. Good luck!
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    Thread moved to NCLEX Discussion Forum for more responses. Good luck!
  5. by   Nursing28
    I used Saunder's book. The CD helped a lot. I did over 5000 questions....the more you do, the better...........
  6. by   Nursing28
    oh and by the way, no matter how much you study, there will always be something on the NCLEX that you never even heard the answer choices...sometimes it will give you the answer...if that fails then take an educated guess!!!!!!!!!!!!!