1. I am studying for the nclex, it is going to be my second attempt. I am doing the Suzanne method currently and feel extremely overwhelmed. I find myself second guessing myself when it comes to answering questions, like I will pick an answer feel confident and then think well.... I know I look into the question and feel I can't break that habit. Also, when I do a test and then correct it, say I get 6/10 wrong, I want to give up. Its not always the case but it definitely is not good on the ole self esteem. I feel that I don't know how to study for this.. I have many resources to study from but just feel that no matter what I do nothing can prepare me for this test. In school I did fairly well on all my tests but then there is the anxiety that hinders me. Any suggestions would be helpful.. I already have my ATT and have until April to take the test but want to use the time I have efficiently. Its hard to get back on the horse after the first fall... Any suggestions would be most helpful.. I know this is the best place to ask seeing how you all have been through it.. Hope to hear from you...
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  3. by   smkiya
    I used a variety of study materials (Kaplan, Drexel review, ATI, Springhouse)and I don't take NCLEX until tomorrow so I can't say how truly effective my method was... What I can say is that after doing it my scores improved dramatically on the practice tests I took. First, I learned Kaplan strategies for test taking....

    I took tests in Kaplan Question trainer and reviewed my results... not in specific areas like Peds, Psych, Oncology... but in broader categories. Like if I performed less than 60% in Basic Care and Comfort or Infection Control I would work on those areas. NCLEX 3000 allows you to choose these categories individually so that you can work on questions specific to this area. I turned a 53% in Basic Care and Comfort into an 81% literally overnight.
    I even took it further. Rather than reading books on nursing material, In the areas I was weak, I would do questions until I scored a 70% or better. With NCLEX 3000 you can choose the number of questions you want. So after completing Basic Care and Comfort I would see that I really sucked in Postpartum, Neonate, Infant and Toddler. So I would do as many questions as I could in these areas individually learning and remembering until my score was above a 70% in each area. As I continued to study in this way and take the more difficult Kaplan Question trainer, I got better and better at recognizing what the question was asking, recalling facts, eliminating wrong choices and getting answers right. Like I said, who knows if it was all for naught. I take NCLEX tomorrow, so I'll update on Friday. It did work though on improving my test scores. I highly recommend both Kaplan Question trainer and Springhouse NCLEX 3000. Use Kaplan as the standard and 3000 to improve areas where you were weak in Kaplan.

    Good luck!
  4. by   crb613
    I noticed you said.."I have many resources to study from". That could be your problem. Pick one & stick w/it. For me it was Saunders using Suzanne's plan.....I followed it to the T. Shortly before my exam I used a Kaplan Trainer CD to test the water so to speak....I passed w/75. Good luck to you!
    BTW...I also noticed you said you read into the seems you have identified your problem. Go w/your gut & don't second guess yourself.