Friday, 10/20/06, @ 3pm--NCLEX beast here I come...

  1. Well, I take my test finally, and I feel so overwhelmed--period. My life like many others here is an emotional rollarcoaster with this test. I just want everyone and anyone who reads this to know that I have sat at this keyboard looking at this screen and silently prayed hundreds of times for everyone who has posted a portion of their life experiences here. I am sorry for anyone I have offended in the past, a certain moderator for instance, I am SO sorry for being rude, I am just an over sensitive clod sometimes (like now??...). I am not prepared for this test, I have been out of school since December '05, and out of work since March '06. Since the day I started this long drawn out journey known as college of Nursing, I have ended a 14 year relationship w/ the father of my three innocent kids caught in the middle; raised them on my own; with a part-time job as a unit secretary (which was a pretty good gig, don't know why I didn't just stop there); failed OB/L&D not once, but TWICE, got put out of the nursing program; fought my way back in, WHEW!; finally passed OB/L&D (third time is definitely the charm for me); got evicted at the beginning of my last semester; kids and I lived with my sister as I fought my way through Psych/Advanced Med-Surg; had a hissy over HESI (924, needed an 870 or better to complete program); moved to a nice but much more expensive rental home (moved here in Feb, got fired in March--nice job, Michelle! Now you can for sure afford the extra $150 on the rent--NOT!!!!!!); met a new man, but no man comes problem free, however, this one is better than the last one (well, Jabba the Hut is better than the last one!!!). All of this boils down to this test this Friday...
    Will I pass? The reality of it is that I have been out of sync for awhile, so probably not-- but I am the Eternal Optimist, so I have to believe that I can do this. I have done well over 15,000 comprehensive review questions in the last 4-6months--including NCLEX3000, starnurse, and my all time fave, the Kaplan Question Trainer. I have one last question set from Kaplan which I have been saving for this week, and my home is littered with reference manuals and nursing school notes--all of which I immediately develop ADHD when it comes to reading through. For what its worth, I get ADHD whenever I try to watch a movie as well! I lose concentration right after the opening credits, I don't know...
    In any case, that is my story in a nutshell, very edited and very condensed as well. If all knew my true entire story, well now that would require more than a message board, right??? I guess that is true for all nurses. Never was there a career so ironic, in that one must be a little CRAZY for wanting to pursue and excel in, yet how often are nurses criticized for acting crazy??!!
    That is like accusing a boxer for being too "rough', or a monkey handler for smelling "odd" (bad)!!!!! Come to think of it, a career in monkey handling may not be so bad if I DON'T PASS THIS TEST--AAAAAaaaaaaarrrrrgggghhh!!!!
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  3. by   chelli73
    OK, I am up from the floor, back at this keyboard, and please let me not forget to THANK everyone here at, if not for this site, I would have given up a long time ago...THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. If I don't pass I probably won't come back here again, sad I know, but true. If I DO PASS, I will not make a huge deal out of it here, but only offer my wisdom on the whole experience, so allow me to be selfish this once, PLEASE PRAY FOR ME TO PASS!!!!
  4. by   hlfpnt
    You've studied & obviously have the you need to believe in yourself (easier said than done, I know). When you sit for this test take some deep breaths & concentrate on what the questions are asking at a time. Just remember NCLEX is "book perfect". All my best to you & you are definately in my prayers! :icon_hug:
  5. by   suzy253
    You've certainly been through a lot!!!
    Think positive, breath, one question at a time, oh and did I say think positive??? :wink2:
    Best of luck to you. You can do this.
  6. by   zuzi
    Chelli, I know is hard, but is not impossible, many nurses do that! Try to relax to make something for your self, to think positively. If your review is ok and you are relaxed and capable to focus on NCLEX question you will see that life is not so bad! If you pass or not, you will be a nurse, because you deserve to be a nurse and soon or later you will be registered also…believe in you!
    Good mind now and I will cross my fingers for you! And of course A BIG HUGE HUG from me! :icon_hug:
  7. by   DolphinRN84
    Best of luck to you on Friday!!! I'm hoping you pass. Don't forget to try to remain calm and BREATHE.
  8. by   Paleobug
    I know from experience how nerve wracking NCLEX can be. Try to relax, don't rush, eliminate wrong answers first. It took me three hours to do 75 questions because I took my time and tried not to be stressed, and I passed.

    Good luck!
  9. by   RNKay31
    Wishing you the very best
  10. by   nrl4d2
    Good Luck
  11. by   chelli73
    THANK YOU all for your heartfelt wishes and advice! It never ceases to amaze me how kind and supportive people are around here in times of need. A quick update: I was offered a wonderful nursing opportunity at a suburb hospital about 25-30 minutes from my house. Great hospital (US News top 10 four years in a row); great starting pay ($23+$3 diff); good shift (3-11pm, I am NOT a morning person!); affordable benefits and many nice perks: garage parking, credit union, etc.. I am very excited and overwhelmed at the same time because the facility is hiring me contingent on passing boards!!!! They are sending me through the hiring process as if I were already an RN, I went today for my physical/drug screen/id badge. SO now I have really have ALOT riding on this NCLEX beast, don't I??!! Orientation begins 10/30/06, if I have passed, I will begin without a hitch--if not, then the job offer will be postponed upon eventual passing....YUCK! How could I look into my son's beautiful eyes and tell them that even though my unemployment ran out in SEPTEMBER, I still cannot begin work????!!!! I can't let them down, they have been through so much with me up til this point and beyond. Teardrop. I must not blow this one....take care all and best wishes for all of us in our parallel lives.:icon_hug: :icon_hug: :angel2: :angel2:
  12. by   hlfpnt
    Congratulations on your job offer! Sounds like a really good one. I, too had a job & was actually on the floor for a month before I tested. My best advice for you right now (speaking from my own experience) is to try not carry thoughts of that job into the testing center with you. It only adds to the stress & you don't need that on test day. You can deal with the job when the time comes, but right now NCLEX is your priority. Good luck to you & my prayers are with you! :angel2:
  13. by   DolphinRN84
    Congratulations on your new job offer! I actually had an interview myself today..since I've been looking for a job for awhile. It went really really well so hopefully I'll get something. Do not worry about the job now. NCLEX is definitely priority for now I'm really happy for you! Good luck!
  14. by   dijaqrn
    :Melody: It's now Friday and after 3pm in California. Wherever you are I just wanted you to know that your friends online are thinking about and praying for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!