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In your last week, did you read over all the rationals from the Kaplan trainers and Q-bank, just feeling lazy to do it, because am so ovewhelm, take care thanks.... Read More

  1. by   RNKay31
    Quote from nindot
    hi to those who have passed and have used the kaplan question trainer and qbank, if you can sell these materials to me i would be very willing to buy it, but hopefully with a much lower price because there's no way i can afford the it through the kaplan site because its too expensive for me, i've heard that these materials are the best to use to prepare for the exam.
    That is totally ILLEGAL
  2. by   RebeccaJeanRN
    nindot: I noticed that you asked people on two different forums, about buying the Kaplan and qbank trainer from another person when they are done- even though the forums were really clear about telling people that its illegal to do that.
    I'll copy and post my same reply here again for you:
    Some people don't know that its illegal to pass along passwords and such for Kaplan's online Trainer & QBank, but it IS illegal. You CANNOT share your Kaplan password (or sell it!) and have someone else buy and use the online program that you paid for. And really everyone: what is wrong with that? Someone has to pay to support the company, the web program & updating material, and all the salaries. However, you CAN buy a used Kaplan book and CD that is a year or two old on Ebay (from when Kaplan used to do questions on CD, which they stopped because people were re-selling and copying them). Its not illegal to do that, but the risk is that some content will be out of date. Most won't be.
  3. by   EricJRN
    Thread closed as the OP has received the necessary information and passed the NCLEX. (Congrats, Kay!)

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