Feeling Blue & havent taken NCLEX

  1. Hi everyone,

    This is my very first post on allnurses. Of course, like many others, I too have been "lurking" around for many years. Today I am posting because I need your valuable advice.

    I graduated in December (2013) with my BSN and was highly motivated to take the NCLEX by early February. Unfortunately, I quickly realized that the CA BRN has a 90 day backlog and was informed that I'll get my ATT around 4/28. This means that the earliest I can take my test is 4/29.

    I've been studying since January. I would get off track after feeling frustrated but my wonderful husband would remind me "just keep studying you never know it might come early and you want to be prepared." So I kept studying and studying... And studying. Well, now, I'm tired of isolating myself from 9-4 every day and studying!!

    My question to all of you is:

    1. How did you study? How many hours a day?
    2. What did you do in order to have fun but not feel guilty that you we're neglecting your studies?
    3. Should I make a daily agenda?

    Thank you

    Oh btw my username just means that I like fatty foods yikes.
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  3. by   MissyNik
    Well first I will say that you should be very thankful for having such a supportive man in your life. Second, it sounds like you are pretty prepared if it does come early. Don't over stress yourself at this point because its March and by April you wont want to even see the NCLEX LOL. I made a daily agenda because I wanted to stay on track and not lose focus and I tried to keep a record of the areas I wanted to review again. You can do it just be patient and keep your head up and stay focused.
  4. by   SoldierNurse22
    You're studying from 9-4 every day? Since December? For the boards in late April? How are you still sane?

    I used to study with a friend. We'd study a few hours--maybe 3 at most--per day. I'd make sure that on the days we didn't meet, I'd look over notes and study for 1-2 hours. I graduated in August, took the boards in early November of the same year.

    Yes, do whatever you need to do--make an agenda, call a friend--to get out of your house and take your mind off of studying. It's not healthy to spend 7 hours a day studying for a test that's still 1.5 months out. I'd say it's overkill to study that much even when the test is a few days away! I guarantee I never studied for more than 3 consecutive hours for the boards. I just don't have that kind of focus. It'd drive me absolutely nuts.

    When I studied for the boards, I studied moderately in the months leading up to it (at least the 1-2 hours per day), in overdrive the week prior (2-3 hours daily), then the week of, I reviewed a bit of the areas I knew I'd struggle in (electrolytes still get me to this day) and let myself relax. I ate out with friends, spent time with family and enjoyed life. I was confident because I'd really, really studied and ensured that I had a working knowledge of the material beforehand. I was more than ready for the boards, which I proved after passing on the first go-round.

    Studying for NCLEX is 1) not nearly that intense and 2) very much like nursing school. If you don't take breaks and allow yourself to enjoy life every now and then, you won't have any hair by the time you actually get to test.
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  5. by   LoveMeSomeLDL
    Thank you so much to both of you. I know I have to give myself a break but for some reason I feel guilty when I'm taking a break! :/ My brain keeps saying "you should be studying, this is not the time to have fun. You can have fun once you pass the NCLEX."

    Your words give me reassurance that my breaks are well deserved!

    I'll make an agenda. I think that will help me too.

    And yes, I'm blessed to have a supportive husband who understands (he went through this already with a different type of exam).

    Sometimes just a few encouraging words is all we need.

    Thank you to both of you :-)
  6. by   MissyNik
    You got it!!
  7. by   charnsuka
    I agree with the response from SoldierNurse 22. I'm currently studying for my boards right now and I test in May. However, I spend maybe 2-3 hrs a day studying and I also take breaks in between. Sometimes I take the weekends off or at least one day off to really relax my nerves and just enjoy. We need it sometimes and it's very refreshing. Studying for over 4 hours a day in my honest opinion really is overkill and I know for sure I wouldn't retain anything after the 3rd hour. Some people can do it, but it's not for everyone. Also, an agenda is very helpful and will keep you on track! Schedule yourself some breaks dear! Good luck studying!
  8. by   LVHI_RN
    With all that preparation thus far, you'll be fine. You should give yourself a break, you deserve it! From here on, I would just do questions and review test-taking strategies.

    When I graduated, the holidays came soon after. So I was a bit distracted. I started actually studying for the NCLEX about 3 weeks after graduation. I took about 2 weeks to study. Out of those 2 weeks, there was only 2 days that I took 8hr to study. For the rest of those days, it would be 1-3 hours of studying. Most of the time, I just did practice questions. The rest of the time, I was keeping sane by going out and about with family.

    Be confident and you'll be fine. Questions, questions, questions. Read through the rationales and make sure you understand them. Good luck!