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Hello everyone, I see so many posts on people passing the boards their first try but unfortunately, I am one who didn't. I know I am not alone but I wanted to hear from anyone who may have had... Read More

  1. by   meme75
    I am so sorry to hear that.. Good luck next time. Just try to keep your head up and know that not all pass it on the first try, you are just one of the few that are not to proud to say that you needed a 2nd chane
  2. by   adason07
    you are going to do it!!!!! dont give up ..hang in are not alone!!!!!:spin:
  3. by   ronsrn
    I am taking this test for the 3rd time nov 12 i guess i enrolled to late in suzannes plan - so i am on my own - i need to pass or i will be released from work-mortgage to pay,bills - man this is a stinkin way to finish nursing prep
  4. by   MistiroseRN
    Can I just say that I have known some great nurses that did not pass the NCLEX the first time. Hang in there everyone and don't give up. You have come to fall to toss it away now.I am in my last year so NCLEX for me next year.If you passed nursing school you have the brains to pass the test! I have faith in all of you.
  5. by   Indianaguy
    My NCLEX story
    I took the NCLEX 3 times. The first time was in June, the second in August and the third in January of this year. I had given up and was actually looking into other jobs. I mean I did not care and I was so mad and telling people not to go into a profession that requires a test. Yes I was bitter, and more when I found out that people in my classes that were not as bright as me passed (very bitter). But I was happy for them and jealous at the same time. My sister who is a nurse told me take it again and again and remember it is just a test( easy for her she passed the first time). And my other sister who took her bar three times said to me "it is the stress that gets you it is the anxiety that blocks what you know". Well I was like yeah ok. Well on the week of my test I studied till the last day and had made a decision. I said if I pass then great if not then I am getting a job as a secretary on a unit cause as a man you know I am abused (moving and wiping). So it was the day before and I was asked are you ready and I said no I am not but I am going to take it. Take it because when I made my decision it was not for fear that I did not know knowledge but for fear of the test. Then it hit me THIS IS JUST A TEST A SMALL ASPECT OF MY LIFE I AM NOT GOING TO LIVE FOR THIS TEST. I WILL WORK AS WHATEVER AND TAKE IT WHEN I CAN OVER AND OVER. Then I went to the center sat down and there they were the questions. I flipped off the camera and said FU to the machine and took a nap. Because remember it was not going to let it win. When I was done I was sure I failed but I left happy knowing that I did it, that I took the test. I did not die; I was still healthy, my friends and family still loved me. if I had to be back I was going to be different. But guess what I don't have to go back not ever I am done I PASSED. This is for all of you my brothers and sisters in nursing who have not passed, you know how this feels. This is also for my bothers and sisters in nursing who have given up DON'T !!!!! Its just a test, you made it through school and that was the toughest. DON'T GIVE UP. DON'T LET IT WIN. The book that helped me was by PEARSON publishing NCLEX exam prep isbn=13: 978-0-7897-3596-6 this is blue and yellow and large in size. This is what I did different and then the delegation book. If you want to ask me anything ask me please I want to help. Or if you need support take care God bless and go get them you can!
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    Quote from JacelRN
    Hello everyone,

    I see so many posts on people passing the boards their first try but unfortunately, I am one who didn't. I know I am not alone but I wanted to hear from anyone who may have had similar problems with anxiety in taking the NCLEX.

    I am with you 100%. I failed the NCLEX, not once, but twice! I graduated in May and I am one of only about 3 girls from my class that hasn't been working for 7 or 8 months already. So, I feel your pain.

    The good news is that I retook it for a third time on 1/31/08 and found out this Saturday that I passed!

    The anxiety definitely was the biggest factor. I never prepared myself in the way most for a month or two. But the third time I told myself the whole day before "You can pass this test"...If so and so can, you can! I kept positive. Another thing I did was tell my husband that I would break his neck if he told anyone when I was taking it again. I think that was about 80% of my anxiety before; knowing I would have to come home to "How did you do? Did you pass?" Knowing noone knew was a huge weight off of my shoulders because if I failed, noone had to hear it but me.

    While I was taking the test I could see when the questions started getting easier (I was answering incorrectly). Instead of literally pulling my hair out of my head like the first two times, I closed my eyes, envisioned a stop sign, waited for my pulse to return back to normal, told myself I could do this, and then, and only then, I continued. Around question 121 I got a question on the expected developmental area of a 9 month old baby! I said, chit I failed! At that point I got up and took a break because I knew I was going to need more than a stop sign for that.

    Anyway, I really truly think the key is to stay calm. I didn't know a lot of what was being asked on the questions...but staying calm helped me make the best guess I could! Good Luck in the future.
  7. by   Sweet T
    Thank you so very much. I really need this. I failed nclex for the first time on 1-22-08 with 265. I felt so pressured when I went to take it. I had a job waiting on me, a husband that began to feel financially strained, And a brother that was murdered in Nov that my sister took out a loan to help with burial cost and I wanted to help pay her back. Also, I was receing calls everyday to every other day about the murder, if there was any leads, and trying to be a listening ear fo rmy mother when she received information about his organ donations or when the detective called. Also my step father( DaD) who raised me since I was 2 week old had passed away less than a year before my brothers murder. All this was on my shoulders. Now I am preparing myself and I know 100% I will pass next time. I am not going to rush and I will retake when I feel ready and I am keeping my test date to myself( and God of course). I turning off my cell phone during study hours!!!!
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    Quote from Sweet T
    I felt so pressured when I went to take it. I had a job waiting on me, and a husband that began to feel financially strained

    I too had the same problems, which added stress. The job that was waiting on me even told me after I failed the first time that they would hire me as a CNA until I took it again. I didn't want to do this because I convinced myself I would never pass. I took 265 this time, which means it came down to the wire. Now, the job that was waiting on me can't take me until June...a new issue to deal with! But at least I NEVER have to take the God for saken test again! You can all do it...just stay calm, that's the most important thing.
  9. by   jopal
    I can relate to all of you so very much. I spent 3 years in school without working and felt so guilty that my husband was the only one earning any money to pay the bills.

    I wanted to give up so many times and thought about maybe going back to school to become a teacher.

    Hang in there and do not give up. The times that I failed, it was due to the stress of the exam. The third time, I took Suzanes advice and followed her plan. I was very calm when I went to take the test and I passed. Simply put, if you can get through school and graduate...then you can definitely pass this silly exam. You just have to relax and think like a nurse (easier said than done...but you can do it!!!).
  10. by   KellNY
    After failing, how long do you have to wait to retake the NCLEX?
  11. by   jopal
    In New York, you have to wait 45 Days.
  12. by   precious0782
    hello i am writing to let you know that I have taken the kaplan course twice and I felt that it helped me with my test taking strategies.I was confident the last time i took the test with 265 questions but did not succeed i was closer in my scores half with above and half with near passing. I would recommend the kaplan it helped me with test taking. Don't feel bad about failing i have taking the nclex 8 times and so close. I am still trying to be strong and to not give up.If you have any advice for me that would be great because i sometimes doubt myself.well I wish you the best of luck and i will say i prayer for you.
  13. by   ebten10
    listen i know what it is to fail a test because i just failed one this saturday, i passed my nclexbut i failed my first rn class. keep your head up you will do it! i will pray for you. do alot of questions and answers it wil help. when you are reading the questions dont read into them , ask yourself what is this question really asking me. avoid answers that has words like never, always, everyday etc. and dont tell anyone when you are going to take the test that will alleviate some stress.......... o always try to figure out a questions using nursing process, ABC's ( airway, breathing, circulation) or maslow's Heiarchey of need........ if i can be of any assistance please let me know